2002 Local Court and County Record Retrievers

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2002 Local Court and County Record Retrievers

BRB Publications, Inc., ISBN#: 1-879792-67-2 600 pages $39.95

http://www.brbpub.com/ 1-800-929-3811

BRB Publication is a long- standing publisher of good books on how to find records and where to look for people and records. The 2002 edition is no different. If you are an investigator and you actually do work or may do work in areas other than your own little suburb, this book is a must. How many times have you found yourself looking for a record on a person or a company that is literally in the middle of nowhere? Need documents from Bethel, Alaska? There is someone there ready to help you. Need someone for those records from Jim Hogg county Texas? There is someone there ready to help you. Need someone in Windsor County in Vermont to pull land ownership records and send you a photo of a house? There is someone there to help you. We have used the old book for all of these purposes in the last year.

Why is the book so important? For $39.95 you aren’t wasting hours looking for someone to help you in far away places. And you are finding local people who know the local rules and how to get the local rules to work in their favor for you. After all, according to the locals in South Texas, a Texan is a neighbor, a Northerner is anyone north of a line between San Antonio and Houston, and a foreigner is anyone from outside Texas! Many don’t like foreigners and won’t answer their questions. But they’ll help a fellow Texan.

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