Business Valuation Blue Book

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Business Valuation Blue Book

Chad Simmons

Facts On Demand ISBN: 1-889150-32-0 280 pages

The Business Valuation Blue Book is not a guide to values. It is, rather, about how to approach valuation, written for someone who has no idea about how a business is to be valued. It is well written – it is actually an engaging read – and makes it easy to apply what is in the book to real-life situations. It is filled with examples of how to work through all of the math problems that occur in valuation. It also has strategies for buying, selling, and preparing a business for being valued. The book has hints for the seller, hints for the buyer, and hints for those professionals that often get involved in the business valuation process. It is appropriate for attorneys, lenders who work with businesses, and brokers. More to the point, it is especially appropriate for business owners and buyers.

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