Digital Evidence and Computer Crime

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Digital Evidence and Computer Crime

Eoghan Casey

Academic Press

280 pages, well illustrated, $69.95. ISBN 0-12-162885-X.

This is one of the very few books we have read that really covers computer crime in both layperson language and on a basic technical level. The book covers topics such as digital evidence on computers, the internet, transport and network layers and physical layers. It discusses the application of established forensic science procedures to computer crime and has a thoughtful outlook on what were are likely to see in the future.

The book comes with a CD Rom and a treasure trove of resources to which the reader can go for further research and learning. It is also the first book we have seen that has begun to deal with the very real threat of security and PDAs.

Readers should include security, law enforcement, risk managers, and those responsible for the establishment and maintenance of computer networks for small to medium sized companies, especially law firms and accounting firms. We would also suggest that if you are a senior manager with a company that is dependent upon computers for operations, or stores large amounts on data on computers, you purchase the book so you can ask intelligent and informed questions of your computing staff.

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