Family Fitness During The Summer Months: Easy And Fun!

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Family Fitness During The Summer Months: Easy And Fun!

by Gail Kasper,

Author, Television Host, Certified Fitness Trainer, and Motivational Speaker

Going on a family bike ride in your neighborhood. Swimming away the afternoon at the community pool. Taking the family for a hike in the woods. Enjoying an impromptu game of basketball. Playing badminton in the yard. Having a pajama party dance off!

These are just some of the fun activities you can engage in as a family during the long, sunny days and magical evenings of summertime. Family fitness can be fun and rewarding on so many levels. Getting up and moving sure beats sitting around all day watching TV or playing video games. Summer fitness time is an opportunity to enjoy family togetherness while teaching the kids the value of physical fitness … without them even realizing you’re teaching them an important life lesson.

When I was growing up in Pennsylvania, I always looked forward to summers. I especially enjoyed our family trips to the shore, and even more so, I loved taking part in our local swim club. It was a happening place – I’d see my friends and I’d get to swim. What a great way to foster a love for fitness! You can read more about the important role fitness plays in my life in my autobiography, Another Day Without A Cage.

Fitness is so important to me, and I want it to be a vital part of your life, too. For you and your children. It’s no secret that we have a terrible obesity problem in the United States and around the world. The best way to combat this problem is by practicing healthy eating and exercising habits and teaching your kids to do the same. Incorporate physical fitness into your everyday life. The rules are simple:

1.            Get up and move!

2.            Get your heart rate up – don’t be afraid to work up a sweat!

3.            Do fitness activities that you love as a family.

4.            Stay hydrated – carry water bottles with you when you spend time outdoors.

5.            Keep it fun!

Check out one of my latest fitness videos that will get you and your family’s heart rate going in only 10 minutes. By teaching your children the value of physical fitness now, you are empowering them to take control of their health and wellness. As a parent or guardian, this is one of the best lifelong gifts you can give your kids. So what are you waiting for? Round up the family and head out for some family fitness fun today!

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