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Filecrypt Desktop 2.0 Veridis $49.00

Filecrypt Desktop 2.0 Veridis $49.00

Filecrypt Desktop 2.0

Veridis $49.00 http://www.veridis.com/pgp/products/filecrypt-desktop.html +32 10 88 73 70 As readers know, we are strong proponents on using encryption when appropriate. We store data on encrypted virtual drives, and encrypt individual files if they are sensitive, use encryptors on our telephones when making sensitive calls, and encrypt e-mail that we don’t want read by others. In the October 2005 issue of ÆGIS we discussed a number of PGP variants, including Filecrypt Desktop fromVerdis. This early version lacked integration with Windows. We are now happy to announce the second version of Filecrypt, which does integrate well. You can now right click on a file in Windows Explorer and sign, encrypt, sign and encrypt, or delete it. While Filecrypt Desktop 2 does not integrate with e-mail programs, we consider this to be a non-issue. Simply copy the text, encrypt it to the clipboard, and paste it into your e-mail message.

If you are looking for a straightforward, easy to use Open PGP system, FileCrypt 2 is well worth your consideration.

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