Israeli Security

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Israeli Security

Recently I traveled through Jordan on my way to the Palestinian Association of CPAs Conference in Ramallah.  Coming across the King Husain Bridge through the Allenby Checkpoint I spent over 3 hours in Israeli security.  Many questions were asked very nicely and I answered many questions very nicely, it was also good to have a big book to pass the time waiting. The book was the final installment of  the biography on US President Theodore Roosevelt, Colonel Roosevelt, by Edmond Morris at 700 plus pages I had pages to burn.

However, back to the point. Israeli security was very polite and very heavily armed.  Yet, one old lady began to argue with two security personnel, personnel with fully automatic rifles and ballistic vests, and side arms and helmets and clubs. I know we all fear these old ladies because if we say anything the old gals will make a scene,  a huge fit and huff and harrumph and write letters or just hit us later when we are not looking with luggage carts! Thus, our fear of little old ladies is reasonable. So I watched as the security personnel started yelling back at her and finally after 5 to 10 minutes, took her gently by the arm and sent her to the end of the security line.  And yes, it was a long – long line.  What a wonderful way to treat the obnoxious going though security, do not argue or get upset, send the little tantrum people to the end of the line, just like when there were in kindergarten.  Hip, hip, hurrah for Israeli Security and their ability to deal with obnoxious old ladies.

Oh, and as a side request to Israeli Security can you please, next time, keep my security dwell time to an hour or so?  Thank you in advance.

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