Living low on the hog

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Living low on the hog

In these hardened times, it is not uncommon for a public company which is closing plants, laying off a lot of people, or moving production overseas, to still pay top management a huge amount of money. While high executive compensation is good in that it has reduced the amount of fraud among senior executives — there is no real need to steal if your company is paying you tens of millions of dollars a year— employees sometimes get cranky if the boss drives up in a $250,000 car to tell them they have to leave because business is bad.

Because of this it is often not imprudent to reduce the public display of wealth when times get tough. This doesn’t mean that you should move into a smaller home, it merely means that some of the more visible outward trapping might be toned down.

This principle also holds true for more normal life. We have had occasion to show up with a two-person protective team to discover that the target expected us to somehow fit into an inconspicuous shiny yellow Ferrari. As if!

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