Millionaires’ Selection

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Millionaires’ Selection

A resource of companies from Art to Yacht

Protective services involve much more than keeping people unhurt. In real life they involve a host of health and travel safety issues, preventing embarrassment, and what might best be referred to as facilitating. Part of facilitating is being able to find whatever the client needs, and making sure that it can be done smoothly and easily.

One problem can occur if the client needs something done and you don’t know how to do it or where to find it. To address this issue, a company has put together a web site ( that “is Millionaires selection of companies from Art to Yacht.”

The resource web site was done at the behest of a service organization that deals with the extremely wealthy. The web site seems to be expanding, and its list of categories as of this writing is:

• Art/Antiques

• Automobile

• Concierge services

• Domestic Staff

• Estate

• Executive Jet

• Fine dining and more

• Improvement at home

• Interesting

• Island/Castle/Villa

• Magazine

• Personal accessories

• Private protection

• Travel

• Wealth management

• Yacht

While M may not be something to which you will refer every day, it will nonetheless be a good resource when you need to find something in the world of luxury.

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