Money Laundering, A New International Law Enforcement Model/ The Guide to Background Investigations – 9th Edition

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Money Laundering, A New International Law Enforcement Model

Guy Stessens

Cambridge University Press

ISBN 0 521 78104 3 (hb)

This is a wonderful book: It should become part of the permanent reference library for all regulators, bankers, international finance professionals, and for attorneys in process for the prosecution or defense of a money laundering case.

This book is a translation of Mr. Stessens’ Ph.D. thesis at the University of Antwerp, and has all of the history and detail to support his research, presentation and conclusions. Mr. Stessens traces back to 1874 the first piece of anti “money laundering legislation” in an extradition treaty between Belgium and Switzerland, and rolls forward from there. Mr. Stessens also explores how these criminal statutes will be used in the future for civil actions and has anticipated the though process of many legal minds struggling with those very same problems today.

The book is divided into four parts:

• New instruments in the fight against acquisitive crime: confiscation of proceeds from crime and criminalization of money laundering

• The Prevention of Money Laundering

• Jurisdiction over money laundering

• International co-operation in combating money laundering.

This book is not for the faint hearted. It is a robust piece of work and should purchased and treated as such.

The Guide to Background Investigations – 9th Edition

Book and CD ROM

TISI, Inc. 1(800) 247-8713

The Guide is a resource publication with listings of sources of information for background checks or, for that matter, most any non-standard research that will involve contacting governmental agencies or educational institutions. This reviewer has some familiarity with the assembly and compilation of these books, having done one in 1997. It is a lot of work, and the sources of information (the governmental agencies) are not always too most co-operative, or sometime you reach — how do we say this —the dimmest bulb in the chandelier as you try to compile correct information and points of contact.

Once again TISI’s Guide to Background Investigations, 9th Edition, is an accurate, thorough, useful, and CORRECT bundle of information. The Guide, at 2000+ pages, is a work to behold.

As always, the real test is the use of the book. Previous editions of this book are always dirty, written on, and no more than an arms reach from the user’s desk. We believe this version will be equally well used.

This book should be used by HR persons, skip tracers, due diligence professionals, competitive intelligence personnel, and anyone selling anything to a government office, college, or university.

Book vs. CD ROM: Both are great. We prefer the book, but use the CD when on the road (a big plus). If you never leave the office and have room, then use the book. If you have limited room, like computer accessible data, or would require any information at all from the road, then buy the CD.

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