Financial Examinations & Evaluations, Inc.

Risk Management, International Investigations, Due Diligence Experts, & Business Consulting. Better information equals better decisions.

Since 1986, helping clients like you mitigate risk, make the best well-informed decisions, and take your business to the next level. From starting, growing, to selling your company, let us empower your business to success.
We have saved millions for our clients by identifying unknown risks and applying solutions to mitigate or hedge those risks. We provide comprehensive consulting services tied to growing, buying, or selling small and mid-sized businesses, both domestic and internationally.

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L7 Ventures

With over 30 years of turning the underdogs into market and industry leaders, we have earned our stripes. We deliver data-driven, risk-mitigating competitive advantages every single time. And generally, we hit a home run right out of the gates.

Though known for our expertise in brand strategy, ideation, business optimization, and due diligence, what makes our approach unique is the alignment of everything from business and brand strategies to the deliverables. It’s this expertly defined cohesive integration that gets you real results, the first time.

With our diverse, talented specialists working together in one agency, we empower our clients with new revenue streams, higher conversion rates, shorter sales cycles, and increased account sizes, while reducing your costs and freeing up your precious time.

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L7 Marketing

You only have ONE chance to make a first impression.
That is where your marketing (i.e. branding, logo, message, website, etc.) comes in. Your website and branding are the first and last thing that your customers experience. So from the moment they first come in contact with you, it is in your hands to ensure they get the right impression. Let us help you create the RIGHT first impression.
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messageNOW PR

messageNOW is a boutique firm out of Los Angeles. They design cohesive strategic solutions and deploy wickedly engaging, results-driven marketing and PR tactics on the platforms where your prospects are right NOW. All while ensuring that we can pivot and adapt to the constant change. From small businesses to not-for-profit to multinational enterprises, they have solutions to fit almost every need.

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Whether you are starting, growing, or ready to sell your business – we can help. We specialize in accelerating small business opportunities. Each year we work with a handful of small businesses. Learn more now.
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Ishimatsu Law Group

Los Angeles Business Lawyer combines the expertise and experience of big firms with the one-on-one attention only found in boutique practices. As selective as you are, so is our team. We work with a handful of clients each month, providing strategic and tactical legal and business advice, as well as leveraging a unique network that can empower any business needs.

So whether you are starting a company, facing a complex situation, or would like a proactive in-house legal solution for your business, learn more about what we can do for you.

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