Patent Search Tools

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Patent Search Tools

Some good patent search tools when doing patent research or looking for help with the research.


The US Patent and Trademark Office ( has an excellent pubic interface.  And while not the definitive search for all patents, it is for the US and the US firms still generate about half of the world’s patents.

Google now includes EP (European Patent documents) that one had to search for separately.  Google also has a prior art tool that can be accessed from within any patent document searched on Google/Patents  ( .  As cool as this is it does not search other prior art database Google does not have access to.

These are direct links to search for patents in Europe, these are searched ( by Google, and see what is registered, ( but it also makes sense to trust be verify.

Is the fee service for searching patents offered by LexisNexis and is a fine, if expensive search tool.

This is a word press blog run by Landon IP – none the less it has excellent information to help anyone looking to do as much as they can before they have to lean on a professional search firm.

Intellogist Blog –

Here are several others to consider

  1. Chi Research  –
  2. CNIDR U.S. Patent Database  –
  3. COS US Patent Database  –
  4. Delphion Intellectual Property Network  –
  5. DNA Patent Database  –
  6. Fullerene Patent Database  –
  7. Get The  –
  8. IFI Claims Databases  –
  9. IP-Discover   –
  10. Software Patent Institute  –

Professional Support

Landon IP  a full service patent ad IP search and documentation service either for filing or even contesting patents.

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