Philosophical Foundations of Leadership and The Sourcebook to Public Record Information

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Philosophical Foundations of Leadership and The Sourcebook to Public Record Information

Philosophical Foundations of Leadership

David Cawthon

ISBN 0-7658-0125-6 114 pages $29.95

Transaction Books


We have read roughly 40 books on leadership, as well as many articles. This book is far and away the best book we have found on the philosophical underpinnings of leadership. The author examines beliefs about the nature of leadership from the time of the Greeks on, and pulls from these philosophical sources that which is relevant in today’s society. It daringly addresses the myth that we can all be leaders (we cannot), and that all people are equal (we are not) If you are a student of leadership and wish to have an understanding of leadership and the western philosophical underpinnings of leadership this book is as clear and concise foundation as has you are likely to find.

The Sourcebook to Public Record Information, 4th Edition

ISBN#: 1-879792-68-0 1650 pages $76.95

BRB Publications, Inc. 1-800-929-3811

BRB has just released its 4th edition of the “Big Book” as we like to call it. It is 1,650 pages of information on how to find public records in the US Federal Government, 50 States, the Territories, and all of the counties. It also has a narrative feature for each information source describing what is needed to access the information. BRB has also taken the time and effort to supplement all of the hard copy access information with web address and searchable databases for many of the sources. If you do record searches and don’t buy this book you will waste 100 times the cost trying to recreate even the smallest portion. Buy the book, use it and look smarter in front of your clients! Typical buyers include investigators, public record experts, lawyers, legal assistants, law enforcement, and anyone doing research.

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