Public Records Online, 5th Edition/ Find It Online, 4th Edition

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Public Records Online, 5th Edition/ Find It Online, 4th Edition

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Public Records Online, 5th Edition

Sankey and Weber

Facts on Demand Press ISBN: 1-889150-42-8 560 pages $20.95

For those who have people needing to deal with public records, you should make sure that they are aware of this book. It will save them tons of time looking up numbers, trying to figure out what agency in CA, AZ, OR and DE handled corporations, and what county half of the cities they are looking for people in are located. Well through the miracle of modern publications, 4 previous editions, and small type, the 560 pages have even more information than before. More and more of the agencies your people are looking for today are on the web, and the web address and phone numbers are all listed. This is a must if your people do any research beyond your back yard.

Find It Online, 4th Edition

Alan M. Schein

Facts on Demand Press ISBN: 1-889150-45-2 576 pages $21.95

This book is the broader companion to the Public Records Online. This book covers most everything your researchers would like to know about research records on line. A short review does not do the book justice, but it has more information about specific places where they can look for a great deal of information: Research Sites, government sites, public records, news online, business tools, and resources both domestic and international. Further, it has some excellent suggestions to evaluate the information you find online. Remember, the World Wide Web has no editor or fact checkers.

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