Central Citadel or Discreet and Divergent

I have seen many errors occurring that remind me of why the old castles and city walled villages went from a strategic necessity to a tactic liability.  These massive fortresses were built to withstand assaults … Read More

CPA’s Are Accountants Not Security Experts

From the AICPA Web Site SOC 2 Report on Controls at a Service Organization Relevant to Security, Availability, Processing Integrity, Confidentiality or Privacy These reports are intended to meet the needs of a … Read More

Aegis Journal got hacked!

With the recent changes to Google’s search engine, one can now do the opposite of Search Engine Optimization called Negative Search Engine Optimization.   Through leveraging certain tactics found unfavorable by … Read More

Practice at Laundering Money

This was fun – oh my gosh this was fun! Every so often we challenge each other in the office to see how good our skills can be in the dark arts.  This month challenge was to launder money.   Since there was no … Read More


When the @#$%^& attacked our site we used a service to clean the site and it worked so well so quick, that even after we migrated the site to an actively secure site we have kept Scuri.Net. This program was … Read More

Due Diligence To Suit Yourself

I have some amazing clients. What makes them amazing – is that I can help them make well-informed choices and they educate me in minutia of their respected industries. One client is a retailer of high-end designer … Read More

A Second Passport Could Save Your Life

Having a second passport and dual citizenship has numerous benefits. It can: •            Expand your travel and investment possibilities. •            Avoid “controversial” entry stamps … Read More

Meaningful Nondisclosure and Noncompetition Agreements

As OPSEC professionals we are only too aware that the level of our security is exactly as low as our weakest link.  This becomes painfully obvious when our suppliers and contractors hire missing links or any other … Read More

Sorry About That Boss

This is the last thing you say before you are out of work.  This is also about the only thing that could be said by those at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas and Prince Harry’ s personal security teams – sorry. Most … Read More

The Future of the Security Industry

Jules Trocchi, CEO Security Direction International Ltd. The eminent 20th century psychologist Abraham Maslow placed security next in line after physiological drives in his famous hierarchy of human needs. Indeed … Read More

Fit Fun Into Your Personal Time To Maximize Your Success

by Gail Kasper, Author, Television Host, Certified Fitness Trainer, and Motivational Speaker To be successful in your chosen profession or with a particular goal, you need to be tenacious, determined and committed … Read More

The Confusion of CTR Exemptions

Many institutions that handle large sums of money cause a good deal of problems for those who are required to file CTR – Currency Transaction Report.  The idea is that these institutions handle so many large … Read More

Hospitality Security, By Darrell Clifton, CPP

Published by CRC Press  ISBN  978-1-4398-7436-3, $79.95 Hardcover and $29.36 Digital OK, I fully admit I have met Darrell and I met him at the 2012 Mensa Annual Gathering in Reno where he was giving several very … Read More

Due Diligence – Inventions

I have had the opportunity to have been part of teams that have performed due diligence investigations into one or another given invention. I say opportunity because it is really a treat for me to meet with and … Read More

Preventing Mailing Frauds, Learn to Read a USPS 3602

Phony USPS form 3602 In a recent series of cases I have found publishers using dummied up or phony US Postal Service Form 3602 to defraud advertisers. So what is PS Form 3602 and why is it so important to … Read More

Indicator Behavior and Pressures Lead to Problems in Media.

Plagiarism, adjective festooned interviews, and other cases of reporter misconduct are indicators of a dying business model. Newspapers are not making much money so they have to be ever more scintillating to get … Read More

Know Your Limits

If you agree to lift 110 lbs, and you already know you can lift 150 lbs, there is a reasonable expectation of success.  If you are than asked to life 200 lbs – you know your chance of success is well, slim. Often … Read More

The Bribe

Xerxes Bribes Ephialtes with women and gold to betray the Spartans to the Persians. Olympics – The first recorded publicly disgraced cheat was Eupholus of Thessaly who, in 388 B.C., bribed three boxers to lose … Read More

Family Fitness During The Summer Months: Easy And Fun!

by Gail Kasper, Author, Television Host, Certified Fitness Trainer, and Motivational Speaker Going on a family bike ride in your neighborhood. Swimming away the afternoon at the community pool. Taking the family … Read More

HSBC Screwed Up Really Big

Shortly after you read this HSBC will have settled with the US regulators for allowing Iran to launder 250 Billion dollars – yeah $250 billion dollars. How much is that, well it’s just about the same amount of … Read More

The Trust, by Norb Vonnegut

The Trust, by Norb Vonnegut, $25.99 –  ISBN 978-1-250-00389-8 It took me a few days to get to the book after I picked up a copy and I must say – Well done Norb!  From South Carolina to Turks and Caicos this novel … Read More

Wi-Fi Blocking Wallpaper

Researchers in Grenoble have had an original idea to prevent your Wi-Fi network from being hacked, you can use wallpaper that block your Wi-Fi signal from leaving the apartment and thus keeping it safe from … Read More

Negotiation and Access to Information

The general consensus is that people do not like conflict and thus conflict resolution is “hard” because of this distaste.   The “This is my financial answer on offers” is the beginning to the process of … Read More

The Dangers of Golf… or your are Fore Warned…

The liability of a golfer for striking a golf ball is based on predictability of the mishap. In short what might be the “danger zones” (defined as the foreseeable deviation from the intended flight of a golf ball … Read More

Strengthen Your Mental Fitness

by Gail Kasper, Author, Television Host, Certified Fitness Trainer, and Motivational Speaker  Staying mentally fit is as important as being physically fit. In the same way that you exercise to build muscle and … Read More

Hey, who hacked my BMW?

A client was being followed, every day he was followed.  Ron’s noticed his movements from home, to work, to pick up his kids – he was followed.  Ron is not the most observant, but he began to recognize 4 … Read More

Hacked Off

Hacking and being hacked once was an embarrassment, a red-faced moment.  Now it is part of life.  For example your humble editors have been part of an ongoing denial of service attack on his cell phone voice mail … Read More

Define Due Diligence

Over the years I have collected a few different definitions of what is due diligence. From Editor’s collection… • One who chooses not to invest based on the unremitting suspicion of glossy investment … Read More

Top Ten Reasons You MUST Take Risks!

Top Ten Reasons You MUST Take Risks! by Gail Kasper, Author and Motivational Speaker When I talk about taking risks, I’m not referring to reckless, hazardous actions that imperil you or those around you. I’m … Read More

Zombies Debtors

Zombies Debtors According to ID Analytics study released on 23 April, 2012 nearly 800,000 deceased Americans each year have their identity stolen by thieves looking for financial or other gain. The identities of … Read More

Food Riots in the EU?

aka The Pingo Doce riots.  Pingo Doce is a chain of stores in Portugal with some 300 to 350 locations. It was May 1st and while May Day is not a big holiday in the US, for many around the world – especially … Read More


Foursquare and all of its imitators use a location-based social networking website for mobile devices, such as smart phones. Users “check in” at venues using a mobile website, text messaging or by a device app by … Read More

Dark side of Creativity

The dark side of creativity: Original thinkers can be more dishonest, by Gino, Francesca; Ariely, Dan Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Vol 102(3), Mar 2012, 445-459. In a recent paper published in the … Read More

Medical Marijuana Shops – Can you Bank Them ?

Federal marijuana laws are the laws the federal government enacted to criminalize marijuana possession, sale, and cultivation.  While each U.S. state has passed their own laws, but when state laws are in conflict … Read More

Plastic Garbage Bags

Plastic Garbage Bags So who are you?  Plastic bag from the grocery, paper bag or reusable bag?  Lets first look at the difference between plastic and paper bags. This is an excellent comparison for those who feel … Read More

A Great Obituary

An obituary is a news article that reports the recent death of a person, typically along with an account of the person’s life and information about the upcoming funeral or memorial. So many obituaries are little … Read More


In the April edition of the Aegis Journal we discussed a client who we felt was more or less “uncoachable”.  But yet, in his defense, we can see many more things going on than meet the eye.  The origins of … Read More

Build On The Spiritual Side Of Life

by Gail Kasper, Author and Motivational Speaker Are we a bunch of robots? No, of course not. We are living, breathing beings who think, feel, love, offer help and support, create, develop ideas, form beliefs and … Read More

E-Commerce Killed The Strip Mall

I heard a new term “book desert”.  It is an area that has no books stores.  It used to be there was always a place for a few neighborhood books stores along with a big box retailer.  The costs of retail … Read More

Grayman Pinned By Taxman

At the moment, the grayman is a resident of a high-tax European country.  The grayman has no U.S. tax exposure, since he pays more in taxes at home than he would pay in the United States.  So he’s not doing … Read More

Laws are 20 years behind the IPCI it is Supposed to Protect

Sergey Aleynikov was charged with and convicted of downloading and stealing source code from his employer Goldman Sachs.  He was convicted under the National Stolen Property Act and the Economic Espionage Act and … Read More

The Cloud is DOA.

Cloud computing is the delivery of computing as system as a service (SaaS) rather than a product, with shared resources,  such as software, and information available over a common network. Cloud computing’s … Read More

Can Fraud and Corruption be Stopped?

Can Fraud and Corruption be Stopped? We must now consider if fraud can ever be eliminated: and under this head there are three points of inquiry. (1) Whether fraud can ever be clearly defined. (2) Whether fraud can … Read More

Due Diligence and Bad Assumptions

There are no disasters, only flaws in your assumptions. Brutal, but accurate. We go though life with many assumptions about life, and many of them are flat wrong. We are lulled into believing that we understand the … Read More

The Business Meal

In the tech world we now live in we have forgotten a great deal about how we used to conduct our due diligence on people. Today we Google them, check both public and restricted databases, we try to peek at their … Read More

More Bogus Venezuelan Bonds

This may actually be the final story on Venezuelan Bonds – but I doubt it.  This time the story has morphed with some truly amazing schizophrenic tones. Our group was asked to assist a person who wanted us to help … Read More

The Most Dangerous Meeting

At times we are tasked by our charges, or by circumstances, to arrange a most dangerous meeting. These are meetings held with the wanted, the notorious, the sociopath and the damned. Men and women who have no fear … Read More

Prepare for Success and Manage Failure

by Gail Kasper, Author and Motivational Speaker There are two things many people don’t seem quite prepared for: success and failure. When failure happens, it throws a big wrench into plans. People get completely … Read More


Over a great pizza and a nice glass (or more) of red wine we, the illustrious editors chewing and drinking our monthly stipend from the Aegis Journal came around to the anti texting laws being proffered or enacted … Read More

Where Policies Fail

Last week, Citibank was cited for failures of its BSA Compliance Program under a cease and desist order issues by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC). The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency … Read More

A Client Review

We were approached by a man who wanted to sell automobiles and heavy equipment to Burma (Myanmar) for cash that some relative would collect.  He said – Burma (Myanmar) is now OK, Hillary Clinton was just there.  … Read More

Due Diligence: Robust v Fragile

If you mail a package to your office in Cayman and it has a computer in it, you write on the outside of the package ‘Fragile’. The fragile computer package can arrive on a sliding scale from at best, unharmed, … Read More

Can Fraud and Corruption be Stopped?

We must now consider if fraud can ever be eliminated: and under this head there are three points of inquiry. (1) Whether fraud can ever be clearly defined. (2) Whether fraud can ever be predicted. (3) Whether fraud … Read More

Overcome The “Not Invented Here” Syndrome

By Gail Kasper, Author and Mentor of the Top 1% Club (http://www.gailkasper.com) Are you familiar with NIH, the “not invented here” syndrome? Perhaps it’s rampant at your place of work. In essence, it’s a … Read More

Hostile Environments, how dangerous can they be?

In corners of the world, society unravels at unpredictable times in some predictable ways.  As the first portion the times are unpredictable times – I shall avoid the chutzpah of attempting to predict the … Read More

The Perceived Value of a Franchise

Operating in the world of franchised business as I do you learn that many principals that are true in business are magnified by the relationships in franchising.  It is fairly obvious that the franchisor … Read More

Technology v. Thinking, aka Photo Radar v. Savvy driver.

Technology seems very important to both organizations and their leaders. Piles amassed in to mountains amassed into continents of data for the purpose of  ?.  It is all about technology and what technology can do … Read More

Sanctions and Compliance, A Cautionary Tale…

On February 24, 2012, the US Treasury’s Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) announced the following Civil Money Penalty Information: “Online Micro, LLC Settles Iran Export Apparent Violations: Online Micro, … Read More

FATF 2012 AML Recommendations

On 16 February 2012, the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), the global standard setting body for anti-money laundering and combating the financing of terrorism (AML/CFT) , published the following public documents, … Read More

Mining The Meaning From Data

Our modern corporations are huge consumers and warehouses of data, actually so are our small business, and our households.  Never, in the history of mankind, has there been so much information and data about – … Read More

Mind The Snail Mail

We seem to be very conscious of e-mail security, but are often oblivious to the security of the “snail mail” we receive at our homes and offices. Recently, in our role as consultants in the due diligence arena, we … Read More

Very Private Meeting

One of our charges has come up with a very unique way of conducting private meetings.  It is not often we learn something new from a client. Please do not take this as a sign of arrogance or indifference but one … Read More

iPhone, Blackberry, Android – Security

I asked a few different experts in electronic surveillance and cell phone security which of the three most popular smart phones is the safest and which is the worst.  The answers were clear and consistent. 1.) On … Read More

The Office Move

The time has come to pass and we are leaving our current office for an owned location.  As you read this – HOPEFULLY – we are comfortable ensconced in our new office – wherever it may be.  Yep – not sure where we … Read More

How to Write a Policy Manual

In the last several seminars we have conducted, as well as clients we have visited, a consistent constant question has arisen, How to write an effective policy manual? Well the first thing is to be honest with … Read More

Help Your Employees Get Through Failure

By Gail Kasper, Author and Mentor of the Top 1% Club http://www.gailkasper.com I am sure many of you, like me, have had to lend a supportive ear to an employee or associate. If you’re a manager, business owner or … Read More

Due Diligence and Technology

I love technology when applied to due diligence. It allows the uninitiated to formulate answers to questions that are well documented, timely and utterly and completely wrong. Further some of the initiated prove … Read More

Compliance Failures Promote Fraud and Blackmail

Over the last several years we have noticed an interesting development in the world of fraud.  This is a bit of a follow up to a “Get out of Jail Free” article from November 2010 issue of the Aegis Journal. It … Read More

China’s Legacy Bonds

[caption id="attachment_4133" align="alignright" width="313"] China Bond 1911[/caption] I have been fascinated over the past several years by traffic in Post 1911 Chinese Bonds.  Not the numismatic traffic — but … Read More

Sue Doyle, Travel Agent Extraordinaire

Your faithful Aegis Editors log a lot of miles each and every year, not a million as some nut did this year, but a lot and to difficult destinations. We are not the road rangers you see in airplanes with their … Read More

Back to The Basics

Executive Protection is a physical endeavor, even when nothing eventful occurs.  In my many years, as an EP professional, consultant, and trainer — I have seen several mistakes repeated by good people who simply … Read More

Interviewing Witnesses in Another Country

Chasing fraudsters and conducting international due diligence often requires travel to personally interview principals, witnesses, and suspects.  The process is costly and time consuming, but can produce an … Read More

ROBO Signers

ROBO Signers What is a ROBO signer?  We used to know it as a “rubber stamp” – a signature used by a second party, attesting that the authorized party has knowledge of the documents being “signed.”  In recent … Read More

OFAC and Offshore in the US

This is a new section for the Aegis Journal and will deal with Banking Secrecy Act, Anti- Money Laundering, and Office of Foreign Asset Control matters for all companies, not just banking, finance and insurance … Read More

10th Annual OffshoreAlert Conference

10th Annual OffshoreAlert Conference  http://www.offshorealert.com/sessionlist.aspx?fid=24075 It’s hard to honestly review a conference before attending, but after having attended nine of the past conferences  … Read More

Corruption and The Economy of Favours

After having wandered around 40 or more countries in my career, it’s hard not to notice the differences in the way people live and work. While it’s my work that has taken me on these journeys – I have never missed … Read More

Rear Window

[caption id="attachment_3984" align="alignleft" width="220"] As seen on a real rear window[/caption] Looks like there was one too many groundings — but there is apparently still some love left.  I am not sure if … Read More

Charitable Organizations and Accountability

Charitable Organizations and Accountability The term business accounting immediately draws us to the field of finances, but it really is nothing more than a structure for accountability.  For a charity, … Read More

New Internet Domain, dot-XXX

It will be a small note in history that a new top-level-domain (TLD) has become available, as there are already so many, e.g., .za, .com, .bs, .cz, .org, .gov, .edu.  No, the historical note will be the instant … Read More

Multinational Liability for Greymen

From Columbia Reports 13 November 2011 The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has visited members of the demobilized AUC jailed in Colombia to offer them benefits in exchange for information about their … Read More

Google Latitude and Tracing Friends

Google Latitude and Tracing Friends One drawback of using cutting edge hardware technologies and apps is that frequently, when you analyze the potential synergies, it will cause you to break into a cold sweat. A … Read More

Black Friday and System D

Black Friday and System D Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving in the United States) is a day many retail merchants have huge sales to kick off the holiday season.  The use of the word “black” is in reference … Read More

Complicated Versus Complex

The terms complicated and complex are increasingly being used interchangeably, and it’s starting to bug me.  While they do have many meanings in common, they are not interchangeable.  So here is my short rant on … Read More

International Domestication of Judgments

In a recent case an attorney I was working with was seeking overseas assets to satisfy a judgment.  I asked him if the judgment had the necessary elements to domesticate in a foreign jurisdiction — including the … Read More

Another Fraudulent Venezuelan Bond

Lets first deal with the face of the bond. Look at the text where language specific character sets are used, such as the á and é in América, devengará, deberá, and elsewhere throughout the text.  These … Read More


Last months story on Yacht security got me thinking about Piracy. Speaking to several experts I was reminded of an old phrase — “You know what you know, and you know what you don’t know, but you don’t know … Read More

Occupy Wall Street

The Occupy Wall Street gang had their first march in NYC while I was there to teach a class on Anti-Money-Laundering to Wall Street types at the India House.  I had to wade into the protest to get to my … Read More


www.stjamesandthegang.com In July your editor went on a pilgrimage in Spain with three remarkable gentlemen, an 800-kilometer (500 mile) journey from St. Jean Pied-de-Port to Compostela.  St. Jean Pied-de-Port is … Read More

Another Internet-Investigator

There are many clever terms of derision in business, “Power Point Rangers” and “Pager People” come to mind.  PC* has added to our lexicon, with a “softer” tone often accompanied by a blunter edge, … Read More

Greek Debt

Another long series of flights allowed me the time to reflect on a puzzling problem –Greece and the debt crisis.  How could a county, only recently admitted to the EU, be is such sad shape? To be admitted to the … Read More

Yacht Security

In law an “attractive nuisance” refers to a feature of our environment (natural or man-made) that has the potential to be harmful, such as an uncovered well, an un-gated pool, or a swift moving stream.  In short, … Read More

How To Deal With Petty Enemies

After twenty plus years as an investigator, and over thirty in finance, I should have learned how to deal with petty enemies.  I have learned, but I frequently forget. One should judge a man not by his friends, … Read More

Signs of The Times

Signs of The Times Every so often I buy a house in foreclosure, fix it up, and sell it.  It’s a hobby.  There have always been foreclosures — there are just more of them right now.  Today, these transactions … Read More

The Wisdom of Whores: Bureaucrats, Brothels and the Business of AIDS, Elizabeth Pisani, 2008

The Wisdom of Whores: Bureaucrats, Brothels and the Business of AIDS, Elizabeth Pisani, 2008 This is a book that has been on my stack of reading for two years.  It came highly recommended, and I have no idea why … Read More

Arrogant and Ignorant.

Arrogant and Ignorant. On several occasions this year alone – in the process of networking — I have offered assistance to attorneys involved in the recovery of funds from international frauds.  No charge.  On … Read More

China Is At It Again

China Is At It Again American Superconductor, a U.S. high-technology company, is suing Sinovel, China’s largest wind turbine manufacturer, for software theft.  American Superconductor is a supplier of parts and … Read More

Say What?

            “Say that cracker good with the Chelsea tractor?”             “What are you balmy, that’s bang out of order, bevvied up he was.” Or … “No price too high.” –versus- “No, price too … Read More

Pushing PCs, Finding The Wall

Pushing PCs, Finding The Wall We have had some fun here in the last several weeks. 1. A client asked us to look up 1.8 million IP addresses that are three years old, remove all duplicate, identify those no longer … Read More

Cloud Fog

Cloud Fog From Information Week. Sometime after 7 pm Pacific time, Thursday, September 8th, Hotmail service ceased to be available to many users around the world.  Many users registered complaints with Microsoft … Read More

Is My Cell Phone Bugged?

Is My Cell Phone Bugged? by Kevin D. Murray, 158 pages, ©2011, $11.90  A fun read for those in the field of understanding the vulnerabilities of information technologies (and that’s all I’m going to say about … Read More

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