Turn It Off

Turn It Off I had lunch with a Technical Security Countermeasures expert and he told me a short story.   On a recent flight delay in the US north east – running a number of hours 30 or 40 he got bored.  He had … Read More


Palermo I had to unstick a bad deployment from a group of Executive Protection Specialists. A group of Canadians deployed to Palermo to protect their charge that was recently on a fall vacation in the ancient … Read More


Memberships A new form of money laundering is upon us.  A small drug operation was busted where all of the payments for the drugs were via credit card and PayPal. The operation was small scale - but very slick. … Read More

Dirty Books

Dirty Books The article below prompted me to ask a few questions of my more medially trained staff and members.  First - the “gross factor” is over the top - however it did make me rethink a few things... … Read More

Policy Manuals

Policy Manuals Here are a couple of thoughts regarding policy manuals in general All policy manuals are  really just  documents copied from somewhere else.  The copies bring with them all of the biases and … Read More

Due Diligence Fails

We have seen many of them; abject total monstrous failures of due diligence that make the headlines. War heroes running newspapers who never served in the armed forces, presidents of companies who do not possess … Read More

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