Due Diligence Fails

We have seen many of them; abject total monstrous failures of due diligence that make the headlines. War heroes running newspapers who never served in the armed forces, presidents of companies who do not possess … Read More

The Perfect Hire

The Perfect Hire The Perfect Hire or the Perfect Avatar? By Susan Goldberg Novelty makes good reading when it comes to print.  Every journalist looks for an alternative view, a new angle, something new to inspire, … Read More

Virtual Currency

Virtual Currency In the Wake of Mt. Gox, and Liberty Reserve ~ Where do we Go From Here? There has been plenty of excitement over the past several months in the land of virtual currencies as viable alternatives to … Read More

Dining Out

Dining Out Our charges often wish to dine out, either as part of entertaining or they are traveling. Handling this common event is easy if you follow a few rules and dangerous if you do not. Must do - know the … Read More

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