A Hand Shake

A Hand Shake You can't shake hands over the Internet. This picture is of a small ring from 100- 200 AD at the Kunsthistorishes Museum in Vienna, and its story illustrates the point I wish to make. It was made of … Read More

Virtual Worlds

Virtual Worlds Virtual worlds have many opportunities that simply are not available to us in the physical world. Notice I avoid saying the "real" world. The virtual worlds are every bit as real as the physical … Read More

MSBs and Banks

MSBs and Banks Money Service Businesses (MSBs) include currency exchanges, casa de cambios, and other similar businesses that offer a host of personal banking and business services, including check‐cashing, … Read More

Smart Phones

Smart Phones There are 46,000 droid apps with a reported 20% of those applications allowing third parties access to your phone. iPhones are being attacked via SMS messages and the info hacked. Blackberries to be a … Read More


H1N1 Every year in the U.S. some 65,000 people die from what is lumped together as flu and pneumonia. This is a lot of people, and there is constant fear that should another influenza pandemic strike, it could be … Read More

Illness and guns

Illness and guns Recently this editor became (and still is) seriously ill. The good news was that any illness whose symptoms in any manner suggest a Viral Hemorrhagic Fever tends not to be ignored. The better news … Read More

The Explanator™

The Explanator™ Some time ago we had dinner with a chief of police and a journalist. In discussions of events and why people behaved as they did, it was clear that a re-occuring theme was becoming visible. It was … Read More


On-shoring It has been our experience that a wage difference of 50% or greater is a benchmark for moving jobs from the developed nations to the developing nations. As the wage difference disappears – a result of … Read More

Targeted viruses

Targeted viruses In the good old days, people wrote viruses largely because they could. While some attempted to justify what they did by saying that they were doing it to make obvious the flaws, most really did it … Read More

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