The Bat! Voyager

The Bat! Voyager We use an e-mail program called The Bat! (see the January 2005 issue of ÆGIS), put out by RIT Labs ( We use it because it is extremely virus-resistant while simultaneously … Read More

Pen registers

ויאמר אל-נא יחר לאדני ואדברה אך-הפעם אולי ימצאון שם עשרה ויאמר לא אשחית בעבור העשרה: Genesis 18:32 An increasing number of people are concerned … Read More

Nokia 6270

On 31 July 2001 the first GSM 850 call was made, and soon a number of countries in the Western hemisphere (Antigua & Barbuda, Argentina, Cayman Islands, Colombia, Dominica, Ecuador, Grenada, Montserrat, Panama, … Read More

Click fraud

Click fraud Advertisers generally hope a banner ad will do one of two things. Ideally, a visitor to a Web site that posts a banner ad will click on the banner and go to the advertiser’s Web site. This is called a … Read More


DR-CAFTA It looks likely that the Dominican Republic-Central America Free Trade Agreement will pass. This will open up the same kinds of opportunities for some businesses that were opened with NAFTA. While doing … Read More

More anti-spyware

More anti-spyware Recently a colleague received a message from his Norton Anti-Virus software that he had a specific piece of spyware (SAHAgent) on his computer. He was running several anti-spyware programs, so … Read More


Diskeeper As computers have become faster and faster, a significant constraint on speed of computer operations has become the speed of access to data on the hard drive. More accurately, a fragmented hard drive can … Read More

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