Free software

Free software Downloading free software off the Internet is much like kissing the boy or girl that everyone else kisses: You are likely to catch something. One of the particular free software programs out there, … Read More

On arming pilots

On arming pilots The arming of American commercial pilots has an interesting history. An FAA rule was adopted in the early 1960s to allow pilots to carry guns on planes. The rule required airlines to apply to the … Read More

The New Euro

The New Euro It has been reported here in the e-journal as well as in other publications that, with the public’s unfamiliarity with the Euro, many fraudsters have been producing fake Euros with the expectation of … Read More

Power supply

Power supply Do you know what “interruptible tariff” means. Most people, industries, and institutions did not know, or forgot, until it occurred to them. It occurred to them when their power was turned off. Yes … Read More

FAXes and PDAs

FAXes and PDAs Faxes Several manufacturers are selling facsimile machines that use thermal imaging film. This film rolls through the fax machine much like the IBM Selectric typewriter ribbon passed through the … Read More

Key Loggers

Key Loggers Key loggers enable one to capture every keystroke entered on a computer and then to replay them later. There are a number of reasons, both legitimate and illegitimate, to do this. One would be to act as … Read More

E-mail and privacy

E-mail and privacy Let’s look at some specific threats. Most Web browsers hide the HTML portion of a link, showing only a highlighted word or two. Many e-mail clients, particularly those embedded in Web browsers, … Read More

A miscellany

A miscellany Siemens German digital signature chip hacked Hackers have succeeded in cracking the Siemens digital signature card used in cashless payment systems and access control systems across the country. The … Read More

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