The Explanator™

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The Explanator™

Some time ago we had dinner with a chief of police and a journalist. In discussions of events and why people behaved as they did, it was clear that a re-occuring theme was becoming visible. It was not only the best explanation of why people did certain things, it was often the only explanation! To take advantage of this insight, and to save time in future discussions, we subsequently developed The Explanator, a fully laminated, wallet sized card that says


The Explanator™ is now being used in a variety of state, local, and federal agencies, as well as in private industry and by individuals throughout the world. As you might imagine, use of  The Explanator can save huge amounts of discussion time in both your business and private life. We frequently use it for self-explanating, thus saving the time that would otherwise be lost swearing at ourselves after we do something silly.  Because of its widespread use within the general population, we have been forced to include an instruction sheet. We must also, in the nature of full disclosure, note that while most of the bugs have been worked out, there have been some complaints that the lamination is not sufficiently sturdy to withstand the demands of use within certain federal agencies. While we have moved to a thicker laminate, it is not clear to us that any existing lamination technology would be sufficient for that particular environment.  If you would like to have your own official and fully certified Explanator – we believe you should accept no substitutes in a tool this critical – send five dollars to AEGIS Journal, 440 W 41st Street, New York. N.Y. 10036-6816.

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