The National Directory of Public Record Vendors

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The National Directory of Public Record Vendors

BRB Publications, Inc., ISBN#: 1-879792-63-X $59.50 1-800-929-3811

The book contains 1188 pages of information on retrieval specialists in 50 states broken down by the various counties in which they operate. We have used this book to find public records researchers in several different states. All of the records retrieval personnel have been knowledgeable, but not all are equal. For the same services we have had quotes that differed by a factor of four, so it pays to shop around. It also contains an index of pre- employment screeners and tenant screeners.

The book is very helpful in the amount of time it cuts from playing hunt- and-go-seek for information from a far off location where you have no local knowledge or contacts. It has been, and continues to be, a valuable resource for our investigative and research practice. If you do any public-information record searches outside of your local area it will pay for itself in time- savings with the first use.

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