The new era of IPCI theft

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The new era of IPCI theft

We were recently on a farm. One of the concerns we heard expressed was that as we slide into the depression (if we believe the economic indicators) racing toward us there will be an increase in burglaries by people who drive in from surrounding urban areas. We anticipate that there will be an equal increase in theft of IPCI, intellectual property and critical information.

There are a number of reasons for this increase. One is that as R&D dollars become more expensive, theft dollars will become cheaper. Another is that protection of IPCI, which at the best of times is almost nonexistent, will likely be cut entirely from most budgets as being nonessential. Yet another is that as unemployment rises and wages fall, there will be increased temptation for employees to turn to theft of IPCI as a way to make ends meet.

These thefts are both costly and avoidable. Unfortunately, we expect to see the cost of loss of IPCI to American companies, estimated at over $300 billion annually, increase.

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