USA 1934 Series Bonds

USA 1934 Series Bonds

Going back 27 years ago I saw my first 1934 Series Bonds – Federal Reserve Note Coupon Bond.  I was told the story of how these bonds were part of a secret cache of bonds from WWII.  The bonds were used by the US to coax (read: buy off)  Chang Kai-Shek in the late 1930 and 1940s to get him to actually fight the Japanese, and later the communists.  The bonds were created by some enterprising OSS Officers in China to in effect bribe a foreign official, the General of the Kuomintang (founded by Sun Yat Sen in 1912) to do what he was supposed to do in the first place.  In a short history lesson, Chang Kai-Shek hid the weapons because he was more afraid that the public would use the weapons to turn on him.   Chang Kai-Shek’s apprehension was correct and he fled to Taiwan in 1949 with cash and most of the national treasury of China.  But for some reason the bonds were left behind in China and stored in a climate-controlled cave.  These were exchanged with the Kuomintang for their gold so the Japanese couldn’t obtain it. The bonds were backed by all of the gold in the US treasury and now the Chinese want was purported to be their gold back!

Another 1934 bond origin tale goes back to 1871, involving two Freemasons who conspired to start two world wars and to force all of the nations to exchange their gold for these bonds that were essentially safekeeping receipts for the gold.  After WWI the Treaty of Versailles was set up to help rebuild the world and the BIS (Bank for International Settlements) was created by the founders of the Federal Reserve.  All the gold in Europe—and, it appears, everywhere else—went to the US Government in exchange for these Series 1934 safe keeping receipts / bonds.  It is rumored that 8 ships departed China for the US with gold so it could not be by looted by the Japanese occupiers. In 1998 the 60 year hold ended, the boxes were dug up, and the people who originally gave their gold for paper wanted it back.  The US said no such exchange occurred.  Later, in a secret court in the Hague, the US lost the litigation of the claim and was ordered to turn over the gold by September 11, 2001.  The US did not turn over the gold and the Twin Towers were attacked, accompanied by a mysterious collapse of the World Trade Center number 7.  Few knew the gold vaults were under building number 7, and fewer knew they were discovered to be empty after the collapsed structure was excavated down to the vault levels.  No doubt this was the heist of the century.

Details aside, most stories agree each “Mother Box” contains 13 cases and a Treaty Of Versailles scroll describing how to redeem the bonds. 12 of the cases contain the bonds.  Why twelve cases?  There are 12 Federal Reserve Districts and Banks.  The 13th case contains all of the safe transit and authentication papers.  The bonds are variously reported to have been found at plane crash sites in the Philippians, climate controlled caves run by the Dragon Family (Asia Secret Society) or heirs of the Plum Blossom Family (allegedly the true owners of the gold deposits covered by the said bonds), or even found in the vaults of Swiss Cantonal Banks when the banks were forced to repatriate booty from WWII in the 1980’s.  All excellent tale one can amuse oneself with but just searching for them on the web.

The Investigation

In any investigation, one needs to rely on a team of experts in different areas.  I have leaned on the expertise of professionals who are familiar with locks, collectors of antique chests, printing experts and those who are experts in the history of the Federal Reserve Bank and its relationship with the US Government and US Treasury.  In the analysis of this apparent fraud let’s begin with the outside and work our way in toward the cases and the bonds.

The Mother Boxes

Trunk 1 Composite, wood covered in metal

Trunk 2 Metal clad wood
FRB- Chicago

Trunk 3 Metal clad wood
FRB – Boston









Trunk 4 Composite, wood covered in metal.

Trunk 5 Composite
FRB Chicago with BS recovery team logo on the photo

Trunk 3 – A US Flag from 1934 with 50 stars on it.








Chicago federal Reserve Bonds Box

Chicago Federal Reserve Bonds Box

It should be noted that the design of each of the five different trunks is not only different but so are their sizes, the material and the choice of Federal Reserve Bank, even though a few purport to be from the same Federal Reserve Bank.  I might also add that since Hawaii and Alaska did not come into the Union until 1959 the US flag from 1934 with 50 starts for 50 states would be incorrect by at least 16 years.  It is also important to note that this is not an error that could have reasonably been made by a US Citizen in 1934 or even as US based modern forger.  I also want to add that the metal box, designed as a strong box, looks to be functionally, for the tall tale purposes, a smarter choice, whereas the others are merely modified trunks.

Trunks 1 and 5 are nearly identical.  According to those who know about trunks, they look to be United Stets Navy Footlockers with the original locking circular hasp replaced with an eyelet hasp.  The service men replaced most all of the circular hasps, as they were so easily picked open.  Trunk 4 is a later period (1940s to 1950s) trunk most commonly used by children being sent off to school.  It is also interesting to note that some of the trunk hardware for the corners was designed in the 1970’s. Trunks 2 and 3 look similar but are cursed with the 50 star flag and a 1934 “Series” issue.  Also, the US government, including—the military services—only used flat top trunks.  The rounded top was a design feature meant to be attractive to retailer buyers to get more buyers for a given line of trunks.  While aesthetically pleasing, rounded top trunks stack poorly and were thus often tipped on their side when stowed.  For sake of storage, the Federal Government has wisely never been a purchaser of rounded top chests, footlockers or Mother Boxes.

The Padlocks


The padlocks themselves have some inconsistencies.  Each lock is different in style and design. One is very plain and the other two, while embellished, are engraved differently and are different types of locks.  The locks center and left appear to be of a mid 1930’s brass model that when a cam inside is turned with the action of the key forces two ball bearings out and into the notches of the shackles. This ball bearing lock mechanism for the shackle was a new innovation at the time and helped to make the locks more resistant to tampering and lock failures from pulling or yanking. The lock on the right is an old Yale and Towne lock that was an older hinge type lock, and not as resistant to tampering. However, all three appear to be date-appropriate genuine military issued locks, according to the experts.   The military issued locks had brass bodies and shackles so they were both resistant to corrosion, and if the need arose the lock was easily cut and removed so an official could gain immediate access to the contents of the locked item, be it a footlocker or personal cabinet.  These locks would be the antithesis of a secure lock. These locks do not even resemble high security locks of time period of 1930 to 1940 that one would think one should use when securing billions or trillions of dollars in bonds.

The Federal Reserve and US Treasury

The Federal Reserve System is a system set up by the US government in 1913.  It is composed of 12 independent Federal Reserve Banks that are owned by banks in those different Federal Reserve Districts.  In short the Federal Reserve Banks are owned by the member banks.  It is also a quasi-Federal Institution in that its policy and direction are set by the Federal Government, although employees of the Federal Reserve Bank are not federal employees. And while not operated as a for profit venture, the Federal Reserve Banks have provided profitable returns to both their shareholders and the Federal Government.  All sums earned and not paid out to shareholders on their mandatory 6% annual dividend are turned over to the US Treasury. So the Federal Reserve is a company not chartered for but yet delivers profit, has shares that do not really convey full ownership because of the Federal Government’s oversight, and is our central banker in charge of many parts of the economy such as monitory policy, reserves and the issuance of currency—but not debt. The Federal Reserve may be the mother of all Special Purpose Vehicles, but it nonetheless is not responsible for issuing debt.

The US Treasury is the older of the two and dates from 1789.  The role of the US treasury is to manage the finances of the US.  Its official mission is to “serve the American people and strengthen national security by managing the U.S. government’s finances effectively, promoting economic growth and stability and ensuring the safety, soundness and security of the U.S. and international financial systems.”   It is the US Treasury—not the Federal Reserve System—that issues the debt obligations of the United States Government in the form of T-Bills, T-Notes, T-Bonds, and Savings Bonds.  The US Treasury also issues the currency for the Federal Reserve, because currency is debt that is an interest free loan to the government.  Thus, even though Federal Reserve Notes are part of the private Federal Reserve System, they are issued and printed by US Treasury.

The Bonds Themselves…

Real Bond Issued in 1935

Bogus Bond from 1934















12 of the 13 cases in the Mother Box contained the Series 1934 Bonds. The difference between a genuine US Bond and the Bogus is striking just in a fraction of a glance.  The layout is different, the legends are different, even the signatures have differences.  Both contain the printed signature of Secretary of the Treasury, however the genuine bonds’ other signature is that of the Registrar of The Treasury, while on the Bogus Bond is that of the Treasurer of the United States of America.  There is some fun in the language too.  For a real bond you get One Hundred Dollars; with the Bogus Bond you get One Hundred Million Dollar – it lost its “s” and so will you if you play with these.


Bad Green Seal

Good Green Seal

Furthermore, the printing on these is sloppy.  Several of the printing experts, including one who has a conviction for counterfeiting, said they were shameful attempts at counterfeiting a bond not worthy of a journeyman press operator.  For example, they were unable to even get the treasury seal on the dollar with a clear and crisp image.  One just needs to look at the points of the seal to see that the Bad Green Seal has gaps in it as well as missing or points that lack – err points.  The Good Green Seal has a crisp image with clear and defined points.  “Even an idiot counterfeiter can make bills with good points if they use a decent offset printing press.” said one of the experts in printing that was consulted.  The bonds fail on the printing style, quality and layout.

Paper size of the Bogus Bonds is 8×11 or just a hair smaller than an 8.5 x 11 sheet is US paper.  All stocks and bonds I have even seen are printed on oversized paper to avoid the very real problem of copiers making counterfeit copies.  Bogus Bonds fail on paper size.

Lastly, real bonds are printed from engraved plates, these, as supported by the previous discrepancies, seem to have been printed on a bad offset press.

Redeemable in Gold

The 1934 Note was a Federal Reserve Notes (currency) were issued in denominations of $5, $10, $20, $50, $100, $500,  $1,000, $5,000 and $10,000 denominations.  Specifically these notes were issued to replace the Federal Reserve Notes issued in 1914, 1918 and 1928 that contained the legend “Redeemable in gold on demand at the United States Treasury, or in gold or lawful money at any Federal Reserve Bank”.  It seems the laws were changed in 1933 and the notes of the 1934 series needed to reflect the law change.  And they did: the Emergency Banking Act of 1933 removed the gold obligation and authorized the Treasury to satisfy these redemption demands with current notes of equal face value (effectively making change).  Thus the bonds, even if authentic, or even currency issues in 1914, 1918 or 1928 could be redeemed for gold in 1934.  Further, as these were supposedly issued in 1934, the Federal Reserve and the US Treasury would have known this and not printed anything to suggest the possibility of a gold redemption on the bond.

There are other types of notes that are legal tender in the US such as US Notes and Federal Reserve Bank Notes, Silver Certificates, Gold Certificates and National Bank Notes – but that aspect of the history of banking and currency in the United States is  for someone else to expand upon.

The contents of the 13th case had the safekeeping and travel certificates.

It is almost funny that a Treasury Certificate claiming that $25,000,000 Bond Issued by the United States of American has been deposited in the Treasury of The Federal Reserve is not signed by anyone at the Federal Reserve.  Rather it is countersigned by the Treasurer of the United States and the Secretary of The Treasury of the United States – but not countersigned even as a counterfeit signature by anyone with the Federal Reserve System or any of the Federal Reserve Banks.

Treasury Certificate

I really do not have much to say about the Inventory List as each line of it contradicts history, law, the separations of the Federal Reserve and the US Treasury and the fact that the gold is not on deposit with anyone.

Treaty of Versailles Scroll contained in a machined bit of pipe – since I have not seen a full image I cannot comment on the fullness of its comments, but I can say the into appears to be a miseducational rant on the history and origin of the bonds, why they are real, and perhaps some instructions for redemption.


A font is the style of the letters and number and characters that compose a typeface.  Guttenberg designed the first font for his printing press and as the printed word was popularized so were new font styles.  Fonts continue to be born and evolve to this day.  The fonts used on the bonds, the certificates, the treaty scroll and the mother box chests all did not exist in 1934, and in fact many were not created until the early 1970’s.

General Comments

The alternative media has been all abuzz about these bonds for years and they are fully stupid as any victim might be or they are part of the con.  One quote from an ill education dupe or snake oil promoter was “In order to counterfeit these bonds it would be the kind of technology you would expect only a government to have.” This is

Inventory List


incorrect, as I have seen the counterfeits that other governments have produced of US Currency and securedocuments, and the counterfeits are extremely well-executed.  These bonds, notes and documents are not even counterfeits.   To be a counterfeit you must copy faithfully the original documents or items.  Such bonds or notes as these have never existed – they are full out fakes and frauds designed to dupe inexperienced and greedy conspiracy theorists.  It also seems to work on dim reporters in the alternative media world.

The best guess efforts of the US authorities who report dealing with over 50 Mother Boxes per year is that they come from a remote printing and chest factory on the island of Mindanao.  An island with 25 million people who speak 7 or more languages and fall into at least as many ethic groups. A location that has been in a state of flux since – well since well before World War I.  In short, it is one of the most excellent areas to carry on this sort of mischief and attract little or no attention.

These boxes, however, have been a profitable venture for whomever has created them.  The collection of experts agree that with an investment of about $6,200.00 and a bit of time these boxes and documents can be duplicated with period chests, period locks, all outfitted with 13 metal boxes filled with fake bonds.  All of it properly antiqued using a collection of chemicals and aging processes known to  art and antique furniture forgers world over.  The experts speculated that if the work was to be done in China or Vietnam or India and several fully stocked Mother Boxes were to be ordered, one could reduce the cost of each chest to around $3,100. It appears they are already being made in the Philippines.  The chests have been used to dupe lenders to lending but a fraction of the value of the underlying securities.  Even if only 1% of the face value of the bonds is sought, it’s a big fraud.  The borrower has always quickly vanished when they get their money, though they typically won’t disappear without a bit more fiscal theatre.   They wish to make sure you do not go looking for them.

For example, the borrower calls the lender in a panic in that he must return the chest as the international cabal of manhunters (The Federal Reserve, Bank of International Settlements, Masons, Knights Templar, Kuomintang and let’s not forget the CIA) have found out where he, the borrower,  is and that they demand the chest be returned. The best finale so far related to me is where the borrower in on the phone to the lender panicked and pleading for the chest to be retuned, when the lender hears on the other end of the phone call a bunch of screams and a loud noise, no doubt a gunshot. The borrower grunts and gasps and drops the phone and a new deep menacing voice asks the lender  “Who is this and where is the chest?”  Excellent drama to keep the lender from making any further inquiry.

I am aware of this scheme netting as little as $100,000 and as much as $2,750,000. It is some of the best fiscal theatre all aided and abetted by the idiot fringe on the web.

The intent of this article is twofold: to pen an authoritative investigation narrative on these bogus bonds, and to make a point that good investigations and real due diligence is a team effort.  I have leaned on experts in:

• Locks, in particular period push key padlocks

• Dealers in vintage trunks and footlockers

• Several printers including some who were good at counterfeiting.

• A retired Treasury agent who laughed so hard she almost had an accident reading stories on the bogus bonds.

• My own knowledge of the history of currency, US Financial Systems and 20 plus years of looking into frauds including several cases of 1934 Series Treaty Of Versailles Bonds.

It takes a team with many different life experiences and backgrounds to really pull apart any investigation.  No one investigator can ever do it all.

Photos have come from clients and  blog / news posts on the web, ebay, Zero Hedge, LaBarre Galleries, Silver Doctors, the dubious IFR Investment Group

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  • VAlerie

    The Boxes are real I had one of that here in the philippines…..


    see more pictures to my link….. you may contact me in my phone number +639359698422

  • VAlerie

    I’m willing to return this box to the U.S government… even only we have reward for our child who really wants to go back in school because we are actually a poor person… we did’nt need a big money, we just we just want to make small business and make our child to go back school again….

  • aegisadmin

    The bonds are phony, the flag has 18 stripes (5 too many) , the font is a computer generated font, the chest is a more recent vintage style chest – and the Federal Reserve does not issue debt – only the US treasury…. The whole idea and scheme is phony.

    Sorry, but this is the truth of the matter.

  • Mark

    Why do you fail to mention that these 1934 bonds have a 30 year limit? Presumably if they are forgeries then they were made prior to 1964. And if they are such blatant forgeries, what bank would ever consider redeeming them? Why would pre 1964 forgers make bonds for such the absurdly high amount of six trillion dollars when there wasn’t even that amount in circulation? None of this makes sense. And why was this case made public when other fake bonds cases are not?

    • aegisadmin

      They are bogus. To be a forgery you are copying something that is real. There was never such an instrument. Thus, they are not a copy of a real item – so they are bogus. These are from fantasy fringe finance and tails of the gullible and stupid.

  • Elaisa

    In reference to the Author’s statement: “In 1998 the 60 year hold ended, the boxes were dug up, and the people who originally gave their gold for paper wanted it back. The US said no such exchange occurred. Later, in a secret court in the Hague, the US lost the litigation of the claim and was ordered to turn over the gold by September 11, 2001”

    “secret court in the Hague” H’mm, too bad it was a “secret court”, otherwise we could get the case details and verify the court’s decision.

  • Elaisa

    The Keenan Complaint presented verifiable evidence that showed the Plantiff was offered USD $100 million dollars give up his claim to the bonds. That is a lot of money to pay to take “fake” bonds off the market. Also, he was not charged with presenting “fake” bonds. Logic dictates these were real.

    However, I read elsewhere the CIA did create and distribute a lot of fake bonds with intent to discredit the market in real bonds.

    Does anyone have any info on the above referenced court case in the Hague? If so, please post it somewhere. The world deserves to know the truth.

  • alex

    Federal Reserved Notes
    re: sealed box of F.R.N. series of 1934
    FR-NO-2202-G 1934A
    SERIES OF 1934

    Skype ID: alex_ng73

    • aegisadmin

      Send some pictures – would love to see them. Aegis

  • jean

    I just received the original copy of a platinum certificate from the treasury series 1919 valued at $1B with interest rate of 4% per annum from acquaintances. They want me to look more into it. It was dug 16 ft below the ground from a former Japanese camp site in the Philippines. The mother box is made of gold wrapped with black like asphalt. The box is so different from the pictures you showed. The baby boxes are made of gold and platinum. Inside the baby boxes are 250 pieces bonds at 40k each. Please look into it. I live here in the USA. Thanks.

    • aegisadmin

      I would very much like to loo into it – can you email info and pictures LBFiles @

  • john

    i have 1 billion dollar keneddy bond i dont know its real or fake i want to know its real or not ? i want to know more about US bonds please help me

    • aegisadmin

      Sure – please scan and send us a few copies so we can look at them as well as any supporting documents.

  • Paul Anthony

    Met some people who claims to have 1928 FRBox.What are your comments.

    • aegisadmin

      Lets see what they have inside…. send copies and we can give you an answer.

  • McCoy, Irving

    Dear Sirs,

    I’ve just been invited to give price for a 3trillion box, certified by a so called pre-qualifier for the secondary market somewhere in South America.

    Well, so far I’m confused. I’ve asked to see the bonds but they say that anyone who knows what we are talking about, perfectly knows that first a non official offer has to be made to begin with serious conversations.

    Please give me some light. I’m sure you must be overbooked with inquiries for help but any clue will be appreciated.

    After reading this article I’m not sure whether there are some real facts supporting a scam, the way usually scams work, or that maybe some bonds exist, no matter face value, and that some agents really use them as collaterals, etc. I’ve read about counterfeits detected and stopped recently in Italy, etc., and about real trillion boxes held by countries, maffias,vaticans… foolish indeed.

    Thanks so much.

    • aegisadmin

      Please do email us some good quality photos and we can give an answer. We might not to be able to ascertain value – but genuine v other – we are pretty good at.

  • Shymura

    Elaisa, I am more interested to understand this issue, please send me more informations.



    • aegisadmin

      Read the posts – these posts are this best source.

  • Maraval

    Hi Aegis,

    Based on the queries above, are there any findings you want to share? Thanks! Are they all fake?

  • jude

    box no.G22222220K
    SERIAL NOS.G22222221K-G22222470 K
    SEC.CODE NO;2200-22
    P.D NO. G22-02 K

    • aegisadmin

      Please os end me even more pictures

  • doniel jamandra

    We have some people asking for help regarding a box found in their area … but at some case we cant find ways how to ask if these were true..
    Date of Issuance
    August 70, 1943
    PD. NO. 14-76
    S.C.NO. 6617-62
    S.N. NO. G7943658A
    BOX NO. G7943657A
    PD. NO. 14-76
    S.C. 6617-62
    NOTE/BOND NO.: G7943657A-G7943907A
    NO. OF PCS.: 250 PCS $ 500,000,000 U.S DOLLARS
    A.U. DEPOSIT: QUANTITY – 7,500 M.T. 99.9% FINENESS

    • aegisadmin

      While I would like to see high quality photographs – they are bogus, I am pretty sure of that, but I need to see the photos.

  • Paul Gelderloos

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I have quite some of these bonds that someone wants us to monetize for him. Where could I send you pictures so that I get your expert opinion before proceeding.


    • aegisadmin

      Please do send pictures, I need good quality scans if possible.

  • Dr.Iur Marco Carli

    Dear Sir,
    I strongly dispute the theory that these 1934 bonds are a forgery, as an attorney I dealt with a case involving such bonds, and I had them analysed at the Weissmann Institute of Science in Israel and at the faculty of Science in Holland. They are real, and definitely printed in 1934. The interesting aspect of these bonds, is that some come with inbuilt anomalies that make them easily deniable, but forgeries they are not.
    In any case to create such an expensive and complex scenario of fraudulent bonds, boxes, and certificates doesn’t really make sense from a criminal mindset unless a massive fraud is committed, and yet no fraud has been recorded so far concerning these titles, on the contrary anyone trying cash them or to even float them on a bond platform market is arrested and discredited. So what end would anyone do such a elaborate and expensive hoax? I believe politics has the answer to that.
    Yours Truly
    Dr. Iur Marco Carli
    Attorney at Law
    Principality of Liectenstein

    • aegisadmin

      Dispute all you want, but they are not real obligations- even if printed in 1934 – which they were not. Period paper is easy to get as well as period inks. Just look at the art markets – geesh!

      The simple fact is the Federal Reserve DOES NOT ISSUE BONDS. These are not real obligations. As for fraud requiring these titles – if you mean these bonds – dozens of frauds have occurred all over the world.

      The fraud int he use of the bonds is simple. The chest of the bonds with the elaborate seals and ceremonies arrive at an unsuspecting 3rd world bank. The bank lends one or two percent against the bonds. On a 100 million dollar issue, that is 1 million dollars and that is not bad for a 10K investment in paper, locks and a trunks. This fraud has happened at least 7 times I am aware of and that is only from the emails I have received from the banks that have been defrauded and the fraud cases I have investigated.

      I have seen these bonds handled these bonds and laughed at the bonds. What is amazing is something even more simple. One of the fonts used on the bonds did not even exist in 1934! Is it s MS Sans Serif Font which was not around until – if I remember correctly – the mid 1970s!

      But, please prove me wrong. Fly with the bonds to New York and March them into the Federal Reserve and demand payment. Also you can sue the Federal Reserve as it is a private corporation not owned by the Federal Government but by member banks. Go for it.

  • tom

    i have a one millon dollar gold bond from 1934 gold certificet us washingtion d c can you pleas email the man on it is wilson

    thank you

  • tom

    i ment can some one please email me some info on it and the man that is on the certificet his name is wilson

    thank you

    • aegisadmin

      There was never a 1 million dollar Federal Reserve gold bond. Wilson only made an appearance on the US 100,000 note and was used to balance cash reserves between different Federal Reserve Districts. Actually there was never a Federal Reserve Bond – ever!

  • National Treasure

    Federal Reserve Box 1934 is called Morghantau and they claim it was fake. Why ? Because if redeem all this boxes, it will destroy their economy. Can you accept that in your mind ?
    Thank you

    • aegisadmin

      No. The physical facts of a font used in 1934 that had not yet even been invested and locks and chest that are respectively from WWII and late 1950’s obviate any possibility of the items being genuine. Further, ye with thick skull, the paper is not period paper, size or weight. But just to drive the point home, here is yet another clincher – for ye who has a thick skull – THE FEDERAL RESERVE DOES NOT ISSUE DEBT AND IS NOT A BRANCH OF THE US FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. Arghh… go read some library books on the Federal Reserve – Even the conspiratal Creature From Jekyll Island – and you will understand with the Federal Reserve actually does.

    • aegisadmin

      Bean head – they are frauds and have been frauds since they were imagined in some Philippine criminal’s bean 30 plus years ago. Not event the safes, the chests, the fonts, the locks are even period correct. These are BS documents created by F- fraudsters. Hint – they are not good at what they do, and probably should not jump out of planes, or may be I just mis-spoke?

  • Andrzej

    I have 5 $ 100M bond each numbered
    D 04143 OOO A
    Who do I contact regarding their authenticity?
    What can you do with them?

    • aegisadmin

      please send us a scan, we look at bonds from all over the world from many different places and times.

  • ainnie


    This is to inquire about the system of rewards of the FEDERAL RESERVE BOND (U.S.)
    its mechanisms and requirements.

    I am a locator/holder of Federal Reserve Bond (FRB) of the United States of America that contains complete inventory list and other valuable contents with the value of $500,000,000.00
    issued by the bank of Richmond series of 1934 with the total amount of $125,000,000,000.00 issued by the United States of America backed by gold bullions deposited in the depository at Fort Knox, Kentucky United States of America is guaranteed to
    have an equivalent of 8,000 metric tons of Gold.

    Would appreciate your immediate attention regarding this concerns. Thank you.

    Very truly yours;


    • aegisadmin

      stop inhaling on the e-cigarettes, these are booooooooooogus. They are a fraud, run away. Avoid humiliation and jail.

  • moin abbas

    hi dear
    just for my knowladge if somebody else has federal reserve bond 1934 now this time whether he can redeem it or not????????????

    • aegisadmin

      These are not real bonds and never have been. There is now TOV bonds. It is an elaborate ongoing hoax to defraud people in other countries out of but a fraction of the face value – but as they are worthless the lender ends up with a useless box – pretty yes, but of no monitory value. Though I would like to have one for my office collection of frauds…

  • Maria

    But are there real boxes that are redeemable? If so to be redeemed by who?

    I have here a box of Treaty of Versailles (TOV):

    Box no.: G99999991A
    PD nr.: G-99-098
    Series of 1934

    If there are real ones, I will email you the pictures and scanned copies of documents.

    Thank you.

    • aegisadmin

      I would very much like to have pictures of the box and documents, but there are no real ones. None. It is all afraid to dupe people into loaning – say 1% against the asset – that is the score, a loan fraud.

  • umabuki from Tokyo

    Dear Dr.Iur Marco Carli in Liectenstein

    Your are right and correct. People in this BS have been talking about only forgery Trunks and Bonds which are notorious national souvenirs and Sichuan Province in China. Of course there are many forgeries. …..Do you remember that 2 Japanese citizens were arrested in a train passing Chiasso, a small town, located at Italian- Swiss border, who had carried the face value of 134 trillion US bonds 1934 in the trunks and cases. And then they were instantly released. Why ? Because all the bonds were found genuine and US government ( CIA) and Japanese government pushed Italian Police to release.. These 2 gentlemen were not bogus but official clerks working for some governmental entities. The purpose is not redemption but making use of collateral asset for Humanitarian Project Best Regards Kotaro Umabuki  Tokyo, Japan

    • aegisadmin

      Horse Shit. They were arrested for failing to declare the trillions of dollars of bonds as they crossed a boarder. They were released because what was though to be the failure to declare trillions dollars of bonds, was in fact a moot charge, as what they had was utterly and totally worthless. You facts are correct – your conclusion is from Hollywood la la land, not basis in reality.

  • pakistan

    maria and moin abbas contact me zero double nine two three one three zero four zero nine triple zero

    • aegisadmin

      09923130409000 – OK so? For what purpose?

  • boonrain

    I have here a box global immunity
    Box no.: 00712390
    no j00742111a

    If there are real ones, I will email you the pictures and scanned copies of documents.
    Thank you.

    • aegisadmin

      They are not real but I would like the pictures

  • Unknown

    Dear admin, why do you want pictures if you think everything is a fraud?
    is the US redemption program still open?

    • aegisadmin

      I do not think they are a fraud – I know for fact certain they are a fraud. I like to see the pictures to look at the evolution of the fraud. Also there never was a redemption window – these have always been a fraud since they first surfaced in the early 1990’s.

  • Benedick Puzon Cereñado

    Can a 1 piece of 1 billion dollar Frn note be sold…can you guide or needed some advice .thanks

    • aegisadmin

      There is not such thing as a billion FRN. Even so, why – it is like having one fifth of a 100 FRN note, its called a twenty.

  • Hades

    Been readin a bunch of nonsense fuck.. But my friends’ asking some help about a package somewhere from zurich. A baby box. Stating united secret book of redemption. Its just a 1piece of the 13 baby box from a mother box stating federal reserve of san francisco california series of 1934. Now, who will explain this shit unto me?

  • Hades

    Hoping the fucking cia is reading and tracing this.. Well, we didnt fuckin rob it in the first place.. We just wanr some enlightenment.. If this whole shit is true, then we dont need to argue..

    • aegisadmin

      read the article – slowly… Next the CIA does not investigate this, this is the purview of the secrete service. If you would be kind enough to send me your address I can can have them contact you and explain the nature of these boxes.

  • Stephane Desmarteau

    I buy the silver certificate 1 million nomination in 1928 and 1934 2$ to 10$ each

    • aegisadmin

      There has never been a 1 million denomination US bill – ever. You must be thinking of Turkey or Zimbabwe

  • Ali

    I have $ 500M bond with number
    D 49032854 A
    series 1934
    If there is real, I will email you the pictures and scanned copies.

  • ali

    I have a bond of $ 500M with number
    D 49032854 A
    If it is real,I will email you the pictures and scanned copies

    • aegisadmin

      Send a photo – but is already smells fraudulent

  • Torben

    Dear Maria,
    Please forward pictures on your TOV box face value
    USD 3 Trillion as below.
    best regards

    Maria says:
    April 2, 2014 at 7:17 am
    But are there real boxes that are redeemable? If so to be redeemed by who?
    I have here a box of Treaty of Versailles (TOV):
    Box no.: G99999991A
    PD nr.: G-99-098
    Series of 1934
    If there are real ones, I will email you the pictures and scanned copies of documents.
    Thank you.

    • aegisadmin

      it all BS and a waste of time and money

  • Daniel Martins

    If you are owner or directly to one, I and a partner who is buyer mandate from Israel are directly to high end payor. KYC + SKR + FPA = Authentication then PSA. Please only serious people.

    • aegisadmin

      Trying to buy a fraud bond on a link that exposes the fraud bonds? Do you have to pass an MET for voting where you live?

  • Daniel Martins

    Also, 1937-1940 Libertys 100.000 or higher, 1912 Escaleras or older types are welcome. If you dount you dont know. I wont explain. Only people directly to owners.

    • aegisadmin

      dount is spelled doughnut – really?

  • John. A.

    The comments as shown above are informative, interesting and would make one be extremely reluctant to even become involved with them. One point that does not appear to be addressed is the 3 coins/medallions that are in some of these £Boxes” 1. made of Gold. 2. made of Silver. 3 made of Bronze. Can anybody put any light to this matter?


    Dear Aegis, Only recently I’ve been contacted by my close friend who
    works directly with one of member of the plum blossom family in Viet Nam.
    Reviewing the past history of WW11, and 1934 period, due to the war situation,
    Chinese and US had made some sort of agreement to issue bonds and exchanged
    with the gold from Chinese/ plum blossom family and ask Giang Kei- Shek to
    use this bonds to fight against the Japanese and communist. but Giang Kei- Shek
    realized this bonds could be used as weapons to against him as well, so after a while,
    then he took all national treasure with him and fled to Taiwan, but for some
    reasons, those Bonds was left behind, and later it was brought to the neighboring country of Vietnam by one of general. and the hidden treasure is
    still here under the heavy guarded by the local Army ( Two mechanize Brigade
    of soldiers and spread out in at least 8 different highly secured warehouse.
    I do have some of the photos that was taken by my friend who has direct working relationship with one of plum blossom family member.

    Also, there was an international court judgement that was conducted in Ivory
    Coast last year in favor of bonds owner/ plum blossom family against USA.

    Certainly, it could be difficult to report and be in touch with the Federal
    Reserves- USA to further discuss with this claim.- Owner would want their gold back or cash in the bonds. but where is the window., can you please help.
    All the bonds and reference material and proof document are in the secured
    warehouse, and can be verified by the US authority thru the proper arrangement., Thanks for your attention!

    Note- Besides the Bonds, there are priceless national treasure of China that
    owned by the plum blossom family here along with lots of cash and golds..etc.

    All these information that i gave you, it was not and never been mentioned by
    the official history books or public, in fact, this is a totally mysterious to me and to the outside world as well, indeed!

    Thank you for your attention and for all your great assistant if you could!

    Sincerely, yours
    Jen C Chen

    • aegisadmin

      I too have heard a version of this story. However the versions I had is that all of the bonds were in the Philippines. The bonds are a fraud. The Federal Reserve does not issue bonds or debt. I would like to see the court judgement in Cote de Ivoie more for curiosity sake, but I doubt it exists. Even if the bonds were real, and they are not real, suit would need to be taken by a sovereign nation on behalf of their citizens to enforce the payment of the sovereign bond debt. A citizen cannot just sue a government as the governments have a sovereign immunity. Even the Venezuelan debt debacle occurred because an international agreed to arbitration by Venezuela and settlement the settlement had been entered and it was litigation from within the arbitration that has been interesting. Mr. Chen – these bonds are a fraud – pure and simple. Even the experts that have claimed to have authenticated the bonds have proven to be frauds themselves.

  • talens anthony

    my freind have in his possesion 1 case of 1934 frn amounting to
    100m usd with 33 4m coupons 200 pcs of those with green card,guarantee
    certs.,5 pcs gold coins 33 grams ea.18karat. where can we
    send pics to check authencty thank you

    • aegisadmin

      You can send it to lbfiles @ thank you

  • Mohammed

    I have trader that is will to deal with TOV Boxes please send details asap at

    • aegisadmin

      What for cheap luggage? They are all frauds , though one of the boxes would make a nice cheap coffee table.

  • bonds

    we’re in Vietnam, our group have around 7 box from Dallas FederalReserve with all the signature, photos of all leader who took photo together in Versailles 1934. Will it be possible to be real?

    • aegisadmin

      No – they ar enot, but if you would be kind enough to send us a few pictures via private email we would appreciate that,

  • Fafa

    Hi, I have been approached by a friend who informed me that he has inherited from his family a box of Federal Reserved Bond 1934. The box has been with the family for many years. But its has yet to be opened. So he really cant tell what is inside. But according to some sources, the box contains 4 gold coins and some bonds certificate. I think its a metal made box in gold colour. It was stated on the box “Denomination $1,000,000,000 (250pcs) Total Value $250,000,000,000”. He insisted that this box is genuine. But after reading your article. Im not so sure.

    • aegisadmin

      Keep you suspicions as they are not real, but are kinds cool. Would love more photos of these things.

  • Zaihanilan Shah

    Hi, to whom concerning holder the TOV master boxes
    I am mr shah
    Skype name: zaihanilan shah

    For further information for the BOX redeem on repatriation parties

    Return 20% of face value


  • bola

    One question: If there are genuine bonds issued in 1934, then who could have purchased them?

    My attention is caught by a very interesting discussion going on here. Just like some of you, I have also witnessed the opening of a sealed box containing Federal Reserve Bonds series 1934. No need to describe the box or its contents. But the thing is…we found the box together with some gold bars 30 ft. underground close to a japanese camp site during WWII in the Philippines. Why is this box buried with the japanese treasures? I suppose the japanese didn’t make fake bonds during the WWII.

    I was one of the diggers. The gold bars are well taken care of. We just don’t know what to do with the box. Thanks.

    • aegisadmin

      Gold bars are good – the rest is bogus. The Japanese made many fake currencies as well as their own war time script issued in the Philippines. My guess is it was a box of “loot” that anything valuable they could get was looted and hidden. It is in such attic stashes one finds everything from old magazine to rare paintings, or in caves in the southwestern US – everything from silver bars, old pistols, and food caches.

  • bola

    Nice try aegisadmin but your attempt to discredit the genuineness of the Federal Reserve Bonds released in 1934 by the US isn’t working…

    I hope the CIA is following the discussion going on here. I tell what? Our group is also in possession of a some boxes containing bonds in huge amounts with complete inventories, certificates, 3 medallions etc..we found the boxes together with some gold bars 30 ft. underground near a japanese camp during the WWII. After more two years of hard work, we reached the items. We were surprised though that the boxes contained Federal Reserve Bonds and not jewelries or diamonds. The gold bars are intact in a different box (not metal but concrete). Now, if you tell me that these bonds are fake,then you are suggesting that the japanese imperial army were busy making fake bonds during the WWII. Doesn’t make sense at all.

    For purposes of discussion, please allow me to correct the wrong information being floated here. The Federal Reserve Bond released in 1934 are existing, genuine and real. These bonds were released as a desperate move by the US government in order to save its people and economy from the great depression which started in October of 1929 and culminated in the year of 1932 and 1933. It was the ultimate remedy sought by then president Roosevelt to save the US from total collapse. The US gold certificates issued earlier of 1934 seemed not working or working too slow. The US needs immediate relief. Thus, the 4% annual interest was offered to attract a massive purchase of the Federal Reserve Bonds. The strategy worked well. I suspect China purchased some of these bonds in order to gain support from the US against Japan. During the WWII, the japanese imperial army ransacked some of China’s wealth. That’s exactly the reason why some of these bonds in sealed boxes are found with some of the japanese treasures burried in the Philippines.

    The sad thing now is that the US is continuously exerting all efforts to destroy or discredit these Federal Reserve Bonds as they would certainly hurt the US economy if legally claimed. This is precisely one of the reasons why the US military continues to stay in the guise of a Visiting Forces Agreement and the like. Lately, we have learned that some boxes were confiscated in Manila by the US military for being allegedly fake. What an excuse!

    In 1934, those who purchased the bonds saved the US from a possible collapse with the expectation that their investment gain profit in the future. But their investment were robbed because when the US became a giant, it refused to pay its debt. That is the truth! aegisadmin who started this discussion works with the US government. We have to understand him but we don’t need to believe him.

    Thank you.

    • aegisadmin

      Dear Pin Head – The Federal Reserve has never issued any bonds. Only the US Treasury Issues bonds. You area financial fraud cool-aid swilling twit. As the Federal Reserve is a private corporation – you can sue them – so go do it!!!

  • Mark

    I recently have access to a 1934 USA Federal Treasury Bond with an S as you say on your arrival. I’d like to get in contact with you so we can discuss more on the subject. I’ve tried calling the number you has posted but kept getting a wrong number signal please get back to me to your personal number email and Skype so we may discuss further.

    Best Regards, Mark.
    -From USA

  • Mark

    Hi Alex,

    I’ve read your article and have come across a 1934 bond note. And as you have suggested on its authenticity it has the S on the dollar as prescribed. I Have a few other questions such as if it’s stated that the money can be issued within the 30 year limit plus the 4% commission does that mean that the bond note itself is useless and of no value? And if not where do I go in claiming it to the right hands? I’ve tried to reach you at your number but I kept getting a wrong number signal… I would like to discuss more in person to see if I really have got the authentic bond note. Please get back to me with your personal information so that we can discuss further.

    Best Regards, Mark.
    -From USA

    • aegisadmin

      These are fraud and big fat money sucking fraud. The US Federal Reserve does not issue debt. These bonds are booooooogus. If you thinks me wrong, well than just walk them into a US Federal Reserve office or dump them into a Federal Court and start collection proceedings.

  • rex

    only the mandated one has the authority to act on this matter….

    • aegisadmin

      If you mean the legitimate issuer – yes.

  • Martin Grainger

    Dear Aegis admin, it has been very interesting and funny reading about these bogus bonds which I knew nothing of untill the other day I was approached by an aquaintance who wanted me to help him move some here in the Philippines. I think this is the new incarnation of the fraud. The boxes are now marked 1928. After reading , about 10 times, how you say the federal reserve don’t issue bonds then I think I got the message 🙂 the boxes are sealed and I am trying to persuade my aquaintance to open them so we can send you some copies. Interestingly there are other smaller boxes in it. I have seen photos of the mother box and common sense tells you that it is not from 1928. I have yet to physicaly see the stash but don’t really want to waste fuel money on such a long drive. The reason why I was approache is because I have a VIP safety escorting business and the aquaintance is worried about anyone stealing the loot. I still do not have complete info on how he found it in the first place. I know of the syndicates that use the real stuff to lure unsuspecting foriegners in then switch it with fake when transaction taken place. There is a faint hope that its part of a ww2 japanese stash of fake bondswith some real souvineers inside. Regards, Martin.

    • aegisadmin

      YOu are getting the whole fiscal theatre show.

  • Martin Grainger

    By the way the guy who is claiming this stuff is geniuine I see is called ” Bola” . I think they are pulling you leg! The word bola in philippines means BS. 🙂

    • aegisadmin

      Ok – that is funny – Thanks

  • khan

    ali says:

    I have a bond of $ 500M with number
    D 49032854 A
    If it is real,I will email you the pictures and scanned copies

    • aegisadmin

      Can you send me some pictures and maybe I can respond more intelligently


    Does anyone have information on One Million United States Dollar Silver Certificates issued by the U.S. Treasury in 1934, to China???

    • aegisadmin

      Do you have some pictures of this you can send me?

  • Damian Chai

    Suppose it is real. How much is it worth ? 1937
    I have case bond of US 1 billion x 250 pcs.
    or is it only only worth to be thrown into the mesaum

    • aegisadmin

      If you could share some pictures and I can get you some feed back.

  • John Loyd Moncada

    To: aegisadmin

    I have in possesion of TOV .Now, email me at and i will send you scanned copy of what is inside the box of said TOV. Thanks JLM

  • David

    Thank you for all the information. These 1934 $100,000,00 fed notes have surfaced in Turkey. My friend sent me photos and wanted to know if they were real. I’ll let him know that he should frame them and sell them as works of art. That’s the only way he’ll get money out of them.

    • aegisadmin

      I doubt they are real – but please do send pictures.

  • Michael

    “The Federal Reserve and the Department of the Treasury also work together to borrow money when the government needs to raise cash. The Federal Reserve issues U.S. Treasury securities and conducts Treasury securities auctions, selling these securities on behalf of the Department of the Treasury. Examples of Treasury securities include:

    Treasury bonds
    Treasury bills
    Treasury notes
    Treasury inflation-protected securities (TIPS)”

    I have read this entire blog of 101 comments since January 31st 2013. One of the central and recurring premises on the TOV bond discussion is that the federal reserve does not issue bonds.

    I think it’s time to prove definitely through evidential discovery that TOV boxes were either never issued or that they were. Just because there are 50 new fake boxes each year does not mean that one box is fake. Neither is the argument that bonds are not issued by the Fed sufficient – to infer or imply something should not be sufficient. As to taking the Fed to court on redemption of the bonds, it has been done already in Riad vs. US and Keenan vs. US proving that the US does not repatriate FRNs and also that these notes were issued exactly as stated in testimony:

    “… following the promulgation in 1934 of the Gold Reserve Act, the law required all bullion gold and gold coin to be surrendered to the Federal Reserve … Foreign Gold held by the Treasury was also surrendered to and thus leased to the Federal Reserve, which resulted in the issuance of the series of 1934 Notes by the Federal Reserve. These Dragon Family FRNs have never been redeemed and, upon information and belief, the accrued interest was met by the subsequent issue of certain 1968 series of Kennedy Bonds.”

    • aegisadmin

      Excellent – absoulty excellent. Thank You

  • carlos Puga

    We have to sell a Mother Box Master Control Nº K 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 K-11 , BABY BOX FRN TOV Serie 1934.Code number K000000001A, Security Nº1111-K11; Public Debt K1-11a skype : carlospugam

    • aegisadmin

      Can you please send pictures? Aegis

  • Anthony

    I have smaller items in 500 and 1000 dollars lodge in a lawyers account with a European bank for the past 17 years. I want to do something with it for a lot less.

    • aegisadmin

      I would buy one for a few dollars just to put on my wall… It can hang next to the Bond from IOS from 19687


    There is so much controversy about forgeries and even if the FED had the right or jurisdiction to issue bonds- (right now they are insisting that such bonds were never issued)- so until the whole legal issue proving authenticity is finally settled- the bond holder/owner will be lucky to get a fraction of the noted value if anything at all. The owner of this bond is Dragon Family who is the succeeder of Quing dynasty.

    • aegisadmin

      No that is bull shit. Anyways I have been told by the best authority it is the Plum Blossom Family. These are fake bonds designed to con people out of money. SImple, can I borrow 3% of the face value of the bonds… Its a scam and it is hurting many people. Now back away from the cool aid.


    Dear Micheal

    Can you contact me?
    I want to share the infromation regarding 1934 bonds.


  • Dr. Jonathan Levy

    The US bonds described are fakes and most if not all defaulted sovereign debt platforms are fraudulent. Aegis has done excellent work above. In my opinion these bonds do have a sort of extrinsic value thoiugh as organized crime currency.

    • aegisadmin

      Thank You – and yes they do have a value, I want to have a few for my wall of crime bonds. I just pick up an IOS certificate from 1969 with Bernie Cornfled’s Signature.

  • Marcio

    Dear manager,
    After read all of the text above, by the way, these boxes are real or not? There is any if them wich woth money

  • Stefano

    We buy all type of box
    If you have contact me please
    Work with a big USA platform for this


    Skype nbitetti1

    • aegisadmin

      all type of box be fraud – stop buy box – keep money in mattress

  • bondredemptionspecialist

    Gentleman, Its quite simple to initiate the redemption of China Bonds if you work diretcly with keeper (the original owner of bonds). Simple if the submission is not Compliant with Treasury KYC Package and Format, it will be ignored. I have successfully submitted 40000 boxes over a 2 year period. Submission KYC dated, POL and PASCO with assign Geneology. Simple Skype: angelsbank Marius Collyer

  • Edison

    One of my friend ask me if someone know how to check TOV. This is the details on the Plate. Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, Illinois, Box No. 00000776, S.N. G00000777A S.C. G007-07, P.D. G77-07. Fenimonation $ 1,000,000,000. He like to know if he can sell it. Together with the scroll.

    • aegisadmin

      I offer $500 for my museum of fraud

  • Bakhtiyor Salimovich


    FARMER ’s:
    LIBERTYS OF 10.000
    LIBERTYS OF 100.000
    YEAR 1912 – KOBE BOXES

    Group of buyers:

    Skype: baha19826
    with respect Bakhtiyor Salimovich

    • aegisadmin

      You area fraud – but I am guessing you make a good deal of money off the dim people who believe this crap.

  • Elbert D. Ortiz

    My neighborhood foud some box.and it has a gold certificate has ONE BILLION US DOLLAR.
    In a year 1934
    Federal reserve bank chicago Illinois
    What would be the possible to do about this one .
    Please answer.. Thank you..

    • aegisadmin

      Please send pictures – but I think these are the same fraud ones we have been seeing for years.

  • JM.LEE


    WOuld you plz help me to see that my FRB mother box is real or fake?

    I am able to send pictures if you want.

    Thank you!!

  • Vince

    A friend of mine has a box with 250 pieces of 1928 US treasury bonds of the Federal Reserve of Atlanta Georgea worth 250 billion in gold with Serial number F66666661G and box number F66666660G complete with greencards, certificates and mirco films. Everything looks authentic, nevertheless we are not sure of its genuineness. My friend would like to know whether there is an existing reward system the US government or the Secret Service is offering because he would like to turn-over and surrender this bonds to the nearest US embassy. Please contact me at this number and email address for info… +639167365308, Thanks

  • JM.Lee


    I have sent some pictures of issued mother box. (To :

    Would you plz check and advise us any opinion?

    Thank you!!

  • Nikolay

    We have bonds of the USA of a loan of 1934 for 100 000 million dollars. Question: whether it is possible to sell them today? If it is possible to sell, how many these bonds stand dollars today?
    We can send a photo – copies, but after the answer to the asked questions. Thanks!

    • DiligentAdmin

      Great – you have fake bonds – so what.

  • Morris

    Could you put some pictures of the real Bonds .. you ask to all the commentators but what about yours ??? Have you had in your hands ??
    I would like to see thanks.

    • DiligentAdmin

      There are none – the 1934 bonds are all fakes. All fakes….

  • patrick jennings

    hi we have genuine bonds

    • DiligentAdmin

      No you don’t – you are a liar.

  • gary gonzales

    the story i was told regarding the bonds is that they were given by roosevelt to chang kia shek as collatorial for gold to be use to jump start the us economy. in return roosevelt promised to help china if.when japan turned it attentions on china. To total value of the bonds was much less than 6 trilliion and the quality of the printing that i saw was much better than what was depicted in this article. each set of bonds had it own documentation which include elaborate govenment seals and large engraved brass plates. This set was left to general tang enbo’s second wife on his death.. I know that an americal attorney suited the us government in the 1990 to redeem the bonds . the attorney general got the suit dismissed. The court never ruled the bonds were fake. the treasury never represented that the bonds were fake.

    • DiligentAdmin

      READ the story. The Treasury issued debt not the Federal Reserve. Alos the Federal Reserve has never issued debt. READ the story – mine – not the make-believe crap on the internet – or RT.Com

    • DiligentAdmin

      All of the story is a fake – it’s fiscal theater – the bonds are a fake, the case is a fake, the story is a fake…

  • Indanao

    Good day:

    I wonder if any Boxes have been redeemed yet?

    It was supposed to be TOV, Morgans, FRN…boxes etc.
    followed by single S.P.s. Plus a high value que of over
    1T total valued and low value que of under 1T value.

    We have 8 Gold Backed Morgans on the table in H.K..

    I did find an article claiming redemption payouts in both.

    What’s the hold up?


    • DiligentAdmin

      The hold up is they are a fraud…. ooooo – frauds never pay out they only suck in – people like you.

    • DiligentAdmin

      No – fake bonds cannot be traded for real money.

  • jcm renovo

    if someone have it on brazil, i want to pay this 1934 Series Bonds – Federal Reserve Note Coupon Bond in Brazil.
    the boxes need be in brazil.

    • DiligentAdmin

      They are a fraud you knucklehead.

  • Bruce Bindon

    This is a bit outdated.

    There are many requests for Chinese Historical Bonds & Boxes of Bonds, to be submitted for payment ( they don’t like to use redemption ). This one sends out updates:

    I have no idea if these Bonds are real. Ours are in Taiwan with family of past China government – so we hope so. Rumor was that before a new currency of world trade, (” TRN” is it? ) the U.S.A. must clear up past obligations like the US Gold Backed Moranthau Boxes. The new currency will be %20 Gold Backed. The US dollar became, ” Paper Gold ” when other countries started using it instead of gold to back up their currency printed. Now the US dollar is becoming worth less ( due to US debt ), and World Banks want it replaced.

    NO….they are not advertising or admitting to the, ” redemption “. Let’s all see how this plays out – and who doesn’t know what they are talking about here……

    ( Some of both I expect. )

    • DiligentAdmin

      Negotiation of the bonds is country to country. There is nothing we simple citizens can do. I view the bonds as a historical curiosity. As for an investment – they are nothing hope certificates.

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