Warning signs

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Warning signs

As part of our ongoing effort to help clients identify and deal with risk, we have been working to develop a protocol to help quickly pinpoint areas that merit further examination. What we are refining is a detailed checklist that we can go through with company management, accompanied by a physical inspection, covering a wide variety of areas where the company may have vulnerabilities. While there is little depth to the survey, this is appropriate, since what we are trying to identify are those areas that merit a more in depth examination. This allows us to eliminate at the beginning those areas that may not be perfect, but are probably adequate, and concentrate on those areas which are sub-standard – or which are felt to be particularly critical. This allows management to make an informed decision as to where scarce dollars should be spent. Since this initial pass is wide but shallow, it can be done quickly and cost-effectively, and offers our clients a valuable resource at low cost.

The value of this tool has already proven itself in several cases in which we have spotted areas of significant vulnerability on the first pass, including one case in which we noted an area of great physical risk. As a result of the preliminary assessment, none of our client’s staff was involved in the homicide that subsequently took place. If your firm is interested in participating in this experiment, please let us know.

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