What CI can do for your company

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What CI can do for your company

CI can help with the information an organization needs to make operational and strategic decisions about:

• competitive strategy

• competitor profiles

• pricing policy

• joint ventures

• market opportunities

• product/service launches

• mergers and acquisitions

CI can also assist with and impact on discussions about:

• facilities

• sales and distribution

• financial performance

• production process and operations

• management and organizational structure

• production capacity and capacity utilization

The following types of studies are the often requested of CI professionals. More than likely, your company will have a need for studies in these or in other areas.

Company Profile: You tell us what you need to know about your target company — a competitor, acquisition target, prospective customer, or supplier — and the CI professionals research it. If the company is relatively unfamiliar to you, you may want an extensive profile, including details of every aspect of the business. In other cases, you will want to fill in the gaps of your current knowledge.

Business/Product/Service Profile: Often your interest in other companies is at the division, subsidiary, or product level. You need research about sub- corporate businesses, as well as individual products and services. You define the business entity and the CI professional will research the facts you want to know.

Competitive Analyses: The CI professional can provide a comprehensive analysis of a single competitor or your entire competitive arena. It may incorporate analyses at the industry, corporate, and business level, to give you a realistic, integrated picture of your competitors’ capabilities.

Market Assessments: Whether you are assessing the market for new telecom devices in Mexico or high-tech medical equipment in the United States, the CI professional can provide you with the details that you need to make your decisions: market demographics, industry structure, competition, distribution, pricing, and anything else that you care to know.

Candidate Company Identification: When you need to find a suitable joint- venture partner, supplier, acquisition candidate, or even a company to acquire an unwanted business, the CI professional can identify likely candidates, narrow the field, and carefully evaluate the finalists. And you remain anonymous throughout the process.

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