Wrong Place Wrong Time

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Wrong Place Wrong Time

It happens to all of us at one time or another, we find ourselves at the wrong place and the wrong time.  We plan, we send out advance teams and we work our diligent best to insure that our charges are safe.  On a recent trip through the historic and beautiful streets of Valletta, Malta we had to abandon our cars and escort our charges by foot.  It was a beautiful day in late January.  As we turned the corner on our way to St Johns Co-Cathedral one of charges said, “Hey, look at that, what is going on there?”

We pivoted on the spot and I sent one of the team members to find out what was really going on.  It turned out to be a routine screening team for an event in the building you see behind the team.

So back to the Cathedral we all went and had  a good chuckle except for those who had to work in a bomb disposal unit – as we were still a bit – jittered, if I may use the term.

The team and the charges were marvelous. It is a reminder that we are judged not upon what goes right, but more often we are judged on what we do when things don’t go  as we had planned or worse, horribly wrong.  The ladies and gentleman of the team all reacted wonderfully in a very surprising situation.

This Executive Protection article was written or edited by Baron James Shortt, the Executive Director of the IBA. http://www.ibabodyguards.com


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