Y2K for the fun and education of us all

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Y2K for the fun and education of us all

In 1389, as he went to defend Kosovo against the Ottoman Turk Empire (he lost), Prince Lazar said “It is better to die in battle than it is to live in shame”. Slobodan Milosevic has, in effect, uttered some of the same words. Unfortunately he needs to pay for his “scorched earth” policy. Recently he has had arrested, inBelgrade, heads of private banks and presidents of successful companies. Officially the arrests are for corruption, but in reality Milosevic needs money to pay for the battles. War may be a noble cause, but even Price Lazar had to pay for troops. Is this is state sponsored extortion and ransoming, or is it tax collection and the paying of fines?

Bishop Crysanthos is a Greek Orthodox Bishop in Cyprus. It seems he is in the middle of an international 700 million dollar “prime bank note” scheme. It seems that investors (victims) from Latin America, North America, New Zealand and Europe are all descending upon Cyprusto find the Bishop. There are rumors of a Yugoslavian connection and banks in Belgrade- Karachi Banka. (We wonder if it has anything to do with the above paragraph.) The Holy Synod accepted his resignation. He will remain a clergyman but will have to serve a two year suspension. His resignation was accepted after the Holy Synod investigative committee indicted the Bishop on eight breaches of ecclesiastical law. The resignation saved the Bishop from harsher charges, including eight charges of greed and corruption.

Readers – We have seen this prime bank note scam for over 10 years; if you see one of these please contact your local office of the FBI. And send us an e-mail and we will try to help.

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