25 Essential Lessons for Employee Management

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25 Essential Lessons for Employee Management

Dennis L. DeMay

Facts On Demand Press,


This is a cool book for those who own a business and hire anyone. Why – because a lot of us make the same mistake – we hire people that we like rather than those who may best suited for the position. The 25 lessons covered – in order – are.

1. How to Set the Foundation for a Proper Company Hiring Process

2. Recruitment and Resumes

3. The Importance of a Job Descriptions

4. Make the Basic Application Form and Other Pre-Hiring Forms Work for You.

5. Hiring and Discrimination

6. Pre-Employment Screening Policy

7. Background Checks

8. Pre-Employment Screening Firms

9. Pre-Employment Testing

10. Conducting the Interview

11. Making the Job Offer

12. How to Properly Reject Candidates

13. The New Employee Orientation Process

14. The Employee Handbook

15. Probationary Employment, Temporary Help and Subcontractors

16. Retention Efforts

17. Using Performance Reviews

18. How to Deal with Unsatisfactory Employees

19. How to Handle a Complaint, Grievance or Potential Litigation

20. How to Handle Workers’ Compensation Issues

21. Termination procedures

22. Exit Interviews, Packages & Terminations Meetings

23. How to Comply with State Discrimination Laws

24. How to Comply with Federal Discrimination Laws

25. Answers of  How to Comply with Other Legal Issues

OK, so why list all of these out in a review? This little book is 25 books in one, and you need to know what is in it. What this book doesn’t have: It is not polluted with politically correct language. It is direct and to the point, and a must for any person in any business responsible for hiring, or who has input into the hiring decision.

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