5.11 Tactical Gear

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5.11 Tactical Gear

It is always a pleasure to see products that are well thought out and well executed – particularly products we can use. Because of this, we were delighted when a friend called and asked us to take a look at the products from 5.11 Tactical Gear (http://www.511tactical.com/) in Modesto, California.

5.11 Tactical products are largely aimed at the law enforcement market, and include a variety of clothing items aimed at tactical and undercover officers. The products are designed by getting together professional users (we know one person brought in for this) and seeing what they need, and then working and re-working until the needs are satisfied.

Some of the clothing they make, such as jackets that hold a lot of things that normally might go on a duty belt, is useful to us professionally. However, we also use a number of their products in our everyday life. We are, for example, extremely pleased with their polo shirts because they are so well designed and so well made. Indeed, were we to look for embroidered corporate logo polo shirts, our initial call would be to 5.11 Tactical.

The company frequently has items on sale in their factory closeout section, and which can work out well if what they have on sale happens to be something for which you were looking anyway.

In addition, their customer support is excellent and forgiving. As an example, about two weeks after we bought one of their jackets they sent out an announcement saying that if we bought that particular jacket they would throw in their pouch kit containing 5 different holsters for various pieces of equipment. We called to say that we had just purchased the jacket, and they sent us the kit for the cost of shipping.

Good products combined with good customer care makes for a winning team. Take a look at their Web site and give them a try.

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