A Hand Shake

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A Hand Shake

You can’t shake hands over the Internet. This picture is of a small ring from 100- 200 AD at the Kunsthistorishes Museum in Vienna, and its story illustrates the point I wish to make. It was made of stone from Turkey, carved in Tuscany and found along the coastline near Rome. A relic of travelers meeting traders and working together that is nearly two millennia old. Little about our behaviors has changed since then. You cannot develop a friendship, a communion of trust and appreciation, unless you can shake hands — press the flesh. One needs to be able to see, feel, and touch to sense the mettle of their business companions.

Despite the raw ability of the Internet to communicate information, it does not replace the human touch. As humans, we like to work with people we know and who we feel comfortable with. So, if the opportunity arises — and it’s within budget — take the time to go and see a current or future business companion.

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