A novel scam against corporations

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A novel scam against corporations

From time to time we hear of new scams, and like to pass them on. This one came from the FBI.

ÆGIS, October 2004 4“Recently an individual contacted a Fortune 500 company via email from South America and notified them of a plot to kidnap the CEO’s family members. The individual provided vague information relating to the CEO and his/her family; however there was enough personal information within the email to cause a great deal of concern. The author of the email stated that several individuals tried to recruit him to participate in the kidnapping. The author stated he fled his home to avoid being involved in the plot and wanted to share the information in hopes of warning the intended victims. The author stated he had documentation, photographs, and videotapes that would validate his story of the kidnapping plot. The author wanted to send these items to the victims or his/her company but was having financial difficulties and could not afford to do so.

At this point, the victim company wired the author of the email a small dollar amount to cover the cost of shipping the evidence of the plot. After the money was transferred the author did not contact the victim or the company again and none of the items of evidence were ever received. The author was never fully identified; however the emails were verified as being sent from South America. It is feared that this individual may be contacting other companies or high profile individuals with similar information of a threat.

It is strongly recommended that any company that experiences similar circumstances contact your local FBI Field Office to report any such criminal activity.”

We concur. When you are at risk, failure to exercise due diligence in your protection, or in the protection of someone under your care – particularly in a potentially criminal matter – is imprudent at best.

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