Advanced Forensic Civil Investigations

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Advanced Forensic Civil Investigations

Paul J. Ciolino, CLI, CFE (Compiler) and Grace Elting Castle, CLI (Editor)

Lawyers and Judges Publishing Company ISBN: 0-913875-39-2

This 743 page book covers the basics for (excuse the list) : Aviation, Rail- Highway, Motorcycle, Water Craft, Vehicle Rollover, Auto, Staged Auto Accident, Pedestrian – Motor Vehicle, Amusement Ride, Machine Guard, Maritime, Construction, Scaffolding, “Slip and Fall”, Oil Field, Hazardous Waste, Probate, Accounting, Animal, Experts, Fire, Stock and Securities, Medial Records, Medical Malpractice, Legal Malpractice, Libel and Slander, Sexual Harassment, Real Estate and Mortgagee Fraud, Questioned Documents, and Sex Abuse investigations plus information on Forensic Animation and Collecting Evidence for Trial.

All of the sections are well written, illustrated and explained in such a way that even one with little or no knowledge can follow. It also contains sophisticated techniques — especially evidence in the Accident Investigation Sections — for the more seasoned and experienced investigator. The bibliography will also allow those who wish to delve deeper to establish a comprehensive library on those topics they choose. This book is a must for any law library or investigators library. Not only does it give an excellent primer in the different areas it covers, the material can be used very effectively when having to educate a jury and a jury.

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