AquaStarTM Plus water purifier

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AquaStarTM Plus water purifier

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AquaStarTM Plus water purifier

Meridion Design, Inc. $95

In last month’s ÆGIS we mentioned the AquaStar Plus water purifier. This month we would like to discuss it further, albeit in another, more generally useful, context.

While some may use a water purifier when camping (either by choice, or, worst case, when a disaster forces you to be camping), our personal concerns about water occur much more often when we are traveling. Whether it is in a hotel in Mexico or Turkey, or a public fountain in Egypt, there is always a question as to whether or not the flora and fauna in the local water will do bad things to you. While we have never actually been killed by local water, we have in the past gotten cholera, as well as experiencing less life threatening problems. All things considered, this range of loss of electrolytic fluids – not to mention other, even worse, possibilities – is something we would prefer to avoid in the future.

While one can, of course, stick to bottled water, there is always some question as to whether the water that is in the bottle was put there in the restaurant’s kitchen, or is the real stuff. And while your hotel insists its water is perfectly safe, is it? The AquaStar eliminates concern. You simply fill the bottle, push the button, and in 80 seconds you have a liter of water in which nothing – not bacteria, not cysts, and not viruses – is alive.

A pair of CR123 batteries is good for 16 gallons, which should cover even the thirstiest of us on a business trip or vacation. In addition, the company offers an external power adapter which can be either plugged in to a 110/220 power source or connected to a cigar lighter power source.

If you travel, the AquaStar Plus is a good item to have in your suitcase.

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