Banned Apps

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Banned Apps

Not only do manufactures ban apps, so do countries. More countries run by heavier despotic rules are banning social networking applications. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn are just a few of many social networks banned in places like Turkey, Iran, North Korea and China. All communications and social media apps in time run afoul of the leaderships which desire to control information.

The Middle Eastern countries typically have bans or restrictions on applications that deal with anti-Muslim issues, drugs, sex and pornography. Tumblr is banned in a few places other than just the social media countries.

Communication technology such as Skype, WhatsApp and WeTalk are restricted (but not banned)since communication is allowed around monitored channels. Yes dear readers, all of your open email and phone calls are monitored and records are made in almost every nation. If the nation cannot monitor you as their technology cannot access what you are saying or doing, the app is banned and blocked.

China has banned all ride share apps and the Central African Republic appears to have banned all text messages that were used to incite violence or at least coordinate violence, against the government.

Heck, Google apps are banned in Crimea, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria and of that a quarter of the countries that offer Google as a search engine choice – censor or edit the responses available.

Lastly, don’t just make fun of despotic leaders. David Cameron proposed new surveillance plans including banning popular messaging apps, such as WhatsApp, Snapchat and iMessage, from being used in the U.K. It was explained that the use of these messaging apps prevents law enforcement officials from reading messages sent through them even if they have a warrant. It was explained that these three services are encrypted in a manner that messages sent through them can’t be read by others unless you are the recipient. (

What can we do? Not much except to be prepared and check the countries you are traveling to for banned apps and delete them before your arrive. It can be that serious; porn, drug apps, some social media apps in some countries will get you deported, if not arrested.

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