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The movie Secretariat chronicles the successes and failures of owner Penny Tweedy and “Big Red” (aka Secretariat). In the beginning of the movie Penny is happily ensconced as a suburban Denver housewife in the early 1970’s . After her mothers death, Penny is brought back to the horse farm where she had grown up, to settle the affairs of the estate and take care of her father who was slipping into dementia. Penny ends up running the family horse farm and maintaining her fathers racing legacy. She had to fight convention and her family to keep it together, but in the end … well, those of us over 45 know how it ends, and for those who don’t ‐‐ I will not spoil the story. As one of the few who actually had the opportunity to see Secretariat run, I found it a very memorable movie. It is beautifully scripted, filmed, and edited.

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