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We were recently tasked to track down some very unusual bonds from some developing nations including a few with in the CIS States.  In doing so we ran across a service called CBonds.

From their web page.

CBonds maintains databases on various financial market instruments from Russia and the CIS, as well as Emerging Markets. We offer complete information on bonds, syndicated loans, stocks, mutual funds, quotes, indices and financial reports. According to the majority of market participants, CBonds databases on CIS countries are more accurate than databases of other Russian and international data vendors.

I find this claim not to be a boast. Full data on syndicated loans going back to 2005, mutual funds, information on the issuers, etc.  This is a very robust platform, very easy to use, and loaded with excellent information from those places the big western data aggregators are just never going to see.

I invite you to visit their site and take a trial run.   Need more?  Please reach out to Oleg Smirnov at  [email protected]   He was a great deal of help to me.

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