Charmin Ultra Soft Mega

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Charmin Ultra Soft Mega

We travel abroad a lot, often to places quite different from home. We tend to take a lot of specialized equipment with us, including first aid supplies, personal locator beacons, satellite phones, water purifiers, et cetera. We also take toilet paper, which tends to be more regularly useful than any of the emergency equipment we pack.

Now it is true that most places have toilet paper, but the quality varies from acceptable to more suitable for wrapping doughnuts. So we prefer to carry our own. Our current recommendation is Charmin Ultra Soft Mega from P&G. For any of you who have gotten sick while abroad, the need for the Ultra Soft part is self-explanatory. But what’s with the Mega? This simply has to do with the number of sheets on the roll. In this case there are 400 two-ply sheets, making this the equivalent of four regular rolls. This in turn means you are more likely to go through a normal trip – or a longer period of time at home – without running out. While the rolls fit into our toilet paper holders at home and in the office with no difficulty, P&G will give you an extender you can take while traveling, just in case (

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