Check Them Out! Background Checks

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Check Them Out! Background Checks, Step-by-Step, by William Hermann

Follow this link to the amazon page:—Step-ebook/dp/B00O3PCAVU/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1417628480&sr=8-1&keywords=william+hermann

This book was all the idea of William Hermann though I hope I had a chance to influence the work, as the end product is great. William is a veteran reporter and has reported – I think he told me – over 500 murders or over a 1,000 miscellaneous acts of mayhem. As the follow-up obligatory news clip to any murder investigation is the doe-eyed reporter asking a neighbor what they had though the murderer? The response was always the same “Gee she was so quiet and she seemed like such a nice gal…”

I think the follow up questions from William were OK – so “How can some one get a good online background check?” My answer was that “You can’t get a decent online background check – it just can’t be done!” So William, being the intrepid gimlet eyed reporter went and tried to get several online background checks and found out not only do they not have all of the information – many have bad information – information that does not belong to the subject of the inquiry. So William set out to write a book that is long over due – a real “How to Do It” for those who must either do the work themselves or be able to judge the work of other that have been hired to provide background information.

This is the only book available that provides detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to do a background check. Other books talk “about’’ background checks, this book tells how to do them.

You will learn how to go to a county court online records site and discover if the person you’re checking up has any criminal convictions, has been sued in civil court, has been married and/or divorced or has had a case in probate court. If the information you seek isn’t online, you’ll learn how to track it down in courthouses and records offices.

“Check Them Out! Background Checks, Step-by-Step” also explains how to search federal court records, sex offender records, physician and attorney professional records, contractor credentials sites and even how to find property records. You’re given step-by-step instructions for each of your searches.

This book is for the investigative reporter or private investigator in all of us.

Go buy the book at Amazon.

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