Competing with ourselves

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Competing with ourselves

We work largely in areas where we have relatively little competition. If you need financial investigations or due diligence in China, or Central and Eastern Europe, or Central Asia, there are not a lot of players. And if someone has stolen $200 million from you, there are not a lot of people to call on to try to get it back. And you can count on very few fingers of your hand the number of service providers who have even heard the term OPSEC! We can generally tell that the field is small because other firms will occasionally sell a job in competition with us, and then subcontract the work to us.

However, we have never thought of ourselves as being totally unique in the small world of high-risk protective services. There are, in fact, a number of very good companies in this specialized field – though for certain tasks, like bringing a few hundred million dollars worth of uncut diamonds out of Africa, we think we are the best in the business.

Because of this, we were surprised to find that we have now started competing with ourselves in providing protective services inColombia. We are not sure why there is a sudden influx of protective service offerings inColombia, but we are delighted that, even if we lose in our bid to provide you services while you’re there, we are likely to still have the opportunity to get you safely in and out.

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