Cyber War, by Richard A. Clarke

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Cyber War, by Richard A. Clarke 


ISBN 9780061962233

It is a great read about how vulnerable our computer networks are and how dependent we are upon those networks. He takes particular aim at shoddy programming and bad design. He makes the reader very aware of how vulnerable we as a modern civilization are to disruptions in our computer networks. He discuss the fact that cyber war or wars have already started some covert and some over such as DOS attacks on entire countries such as Estonia and Georgia.

Millions have lost their data from government site and bank sites and Google had is crown jewels stolen in a hack. So let turn the intrusion to not a data acquisition mode but a data wipeout mode where all of the data of you as a person and you bank accounts, credit accounts and medical accounts are wiped out ‐ now multiply this times 300 million. Or, a simple hack into the power grid and the power grid is programmed to oscillate violently until it is overheated and breaks. Not only are sensitive equipment damaged but the power grid could be down for months.

This is a real eye opener and is very well written ‐ informative not both how and what the experts can do with out discussing it in expert language. Worth every dime…

Yep, this is the same Richard Clark who served in the White House under Presidents Reagan, Bush and Clinton.

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