Data Breach

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Data Breach

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I have been told by reliable sources that only about 20% of major data breaches are reported, thus for August we are looking at many hundreds of data breaches.

Data on networks is not secure – do you get it yet.  You personal information is not secure on these networks – not you credit, not your medical records not your legal records – none of it.

So what do you need to do, monitor your personal data and look to participate in class actions suits to get these idiots to a secure the data or quit keeping the data?

For business – you are being hacked – you need to get you data off line where it cannot be accessed from the outside.

I am not sure what you are thinking when you think your data is secure, it is not secure and you need to understand that not only do you have your data on your network, but data about you is on other networks that are not secure.  Hold those who have your data and loose it – responsible.

This is not just about ID theft – that is low level annoying crime. Data is stolen for other reasons, what about those stealing information on you to destroy your reputation – such as in a business battle.  Or how about in the field of commerce where they can steal your records, and get your clients and your suppliers and secrete formulas for resale to competitors?

We have hammed at this again and again in the Aegis Journal about data security and privacy to prevent theft and compromise.  It is not getting better it is getting worse, more and more security holes are being found and exploited by hackers – aka electronic thieves.

Please, please be prepared to defend against hacks, to isolate your information to deny the thieves the prize, and hold those who loose your data liable.

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