Do You Need Executive Protection

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Do You Need Executive Protection

So you are a billionaire – do you need Executive Protection?

It not a question of wealth but of risk.  Any person thinking about executive protection should have a risk assessment performed.  Risk is specific to place, time, person and motivators of a person or party whose actions may place you at risk.  Mind you there is no such creature as low threat just unknown threat.  Most strategies in body guarding are numbered in 3. Good body guarding is  1. Avoid – 2 Escape – 3 Confront as a last resort ,   Protective Driving is 1. Defensive 2 Evasive and 3 Offensive.

A billionaire software developer in California probably does not need protection while bopping about So. Cal, but may need a great deal of protection traveling to Mexico, China, or Greece.

A Russian billionaire living in Mayfair in London, probably has had several layers of Executive protection for years.

The net worth is the same, but how the net worth came about and the cultures in which those sums were made – does matter.

As for a criminal, the risks are from either competitive pressures or the long arm of the law. Few criminals resort to the legal methods to resolve the non-compete agreements implied in territories or collection disputes and few choose to run into unexpectedly and member of the law enforcement community, that is unless the person is on the take and the criminal is just paying his dues – so to speak

Also some of what the editors of this august journal does is to work in odd places to expose corruption of financial fraud. Quite reasonable he likes to have a modicum of protection which always include deception as to his whereabouts and schedules.

Also the run of the mill ordinary middle class person may need protection if threatened by an ex-lover, a former employee or the occasional nutter with a grudge.

It is all about the risk assessment…  study the information and assess the risk, then make the choice as a fully informed choice.

Intelligence on risk and threats are imperative as the level of threat or rick can change. Failure to note the transition can be fatal it is also the reason for counter surveillance operations to detect both target and pre attack surveillance.  Failure to do this can mean missing the first indication of the change in the level of threat aced by the principals – aka  the ambush. (Aldo Mori/ Hans Martin Sleyer/ Herrhausen/etc.)

This Executive Protection article was written or edited by Barron James Shortt, the Executive Director of the IBA.

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