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I just spent some quality time at a major university law school and at an accelerated high school discussing ethics, corruption and fraud.  The reception I received was stunning.  From graduate students, to undergrads, to high school students they embraced the lessons and “red flags” indicated fraud and corruption shared with them. They had not even thought that fraud and theft and corruption represented such a large percentage (6% of GDP) of the over all of the US economy.

It is a small wonder that we have problems with fraud, theft, corruption and espionage. We send our best and brightest off to school to learn good skills.  The skills of: management, the arts, accounting, language, sciences and philosophy.  We do our very best to teach them how to function in a world of open blue skis, honest conversation, pure motives, and all the time with Pollyanna as the Dean of Education.  With two children in college and two more to go I know this is the curriculum and I too have bought into this blue sky curriculum.

Yet, I live in the world of theft, fraud, corruption, deceit, and generally rotten behavior by rat bastards (RB’s).

How do we take the next step? How do we prepare our young adults for the real world where about 6% of the people they meet will be RB’s?  How do we prepare the professionals, the future mangers, accountants, investment bankers, lawyers for the RBs they will encounter?  Sure, you say they should be able to tell who the RBs are  but, unless they grew up on the rougher streets, they will lack the social or ‘street’ skills and clues to figure this out.   We need to train our future leaders, politicians and parents how to spot RB’s.

We would really like to hear from our readers  (now around 30,000 per month), what are the skills and books our future leaders need to study and read so they can avoid most of the RB’s in the world.

Please comment either publicly or privately to make a difference to the next generation


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