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It takes a bit to get used to but the idea a script or a plan or a report can be reviewed by the entire team that is working on the items can have their input and edits without having to ship, share, track and update.

We first used this as we are working on a new association and the member of the advisory team are spread out over 7 time zones and 4 countries – and while what we were doing was simple – per se – we all got how powerful a tool that allows this level of collaboration.

We are now using Evernote to prepare our multinational investigative reports and including photos of records, buildings, and comments so that the report when delivered to the client – it is as best and as timely as it can be.

Its cool beans – and it might be nice to see how Evernote might be used by social organizations such as scouts and or an Elks or a Rotary so the management can work together on schedules and notes and planning. Post what your experiences are – right here.

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