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Evernote is easily the best known notes app on any platform. You can snap pictures on your phone, write out a store list, store a PDF eBook, and jot down some important class notes, all in the same app.

It is available on a wide range of devices (web, desktop, Android, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, and Windows Phone 7). The quickest way to describe Evernote is an extensive note-taker. I have used it to take notes from text, audio, photos, attachments, and location-based information. The records are saved to the cloud.  “Evernote is an effective tool if you want to find quick and easy ways to organize your life” is how it is billed, and I am sure it does this.  What has impressed me more has been the way in which several people across a wide variety of platforms can work on a very difficult project and it seems like we were all sitting at the same desk.

Evernote’s free edition limits you to 60Mb of uploads per month. If you’re uploading pictures and scans every day you may need to switch to the Pro Version. The pro upgrade gives some other features, such as searching inside PDFs and an ad-free interface.

There are also many plugs-in to this app.  I like this because I do not want to have load or store stuff I do not want and will never use.  Hello Microsoft – you listening…?

I also like what they have done on the “How To Use Evernote” – simple video demonstrating how it works so you can choose how it and your devices will work for you.

As a note as a reviewer – I am not a casual user, I use the devices for work and while I know many like the web for entertainment – after 12 to 15 hours working in font of a computer or with a tablet or cell phone, I am very happy to power down for my entertainment.


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