FAXes and PDAs

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FAXes and PDAs


Several manufacturers are selling facsimile machines that use thermal imaging film. This film rolls through the fax machine much like the IBM Selectric typewriter ribbon passed through the typewriter. The difference is that the facsimile film copies the whole document and is much easier to read than following the characters on a typewriter ribbon. It would be advisable to make sure that this thermal film is shredded if it contains any sensitive information. We ran it through our cross-cut shredder without any problems. Some of the facsimile manufacturers using this type film include: Brother, Panasonic, Sharp, Murata, Xerox, Olivetti, Canon, and Toshiba.


In ancient Greece, soldiers and artisans combined their efforts to create a wooden horse capable of deceiving an entire army of Trojan warriors. Now it only takes a programmer and some friends connected on a network to spread a virus to millions of unsuspecting users. The first-known Trojan horse virus aimed at hand-held computers and organizers has struck. Developed by a software programmer, the Liberty Crack program, as the Palm Pilot’s Trojan horse virus is now known, appeared as a free version of Gambit Studios LLC’s Liberty GameBoy emulation software for the Palm.

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