Funny thefts

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Funny thefts

Most thefts are not fun, but occasionally we come across some that are. We have two favorites.

The first involved the fiancé of a friend, who was dog sitting for the weekend. On Sunday morning she awoke to discover that the Airedale had died during the night. Distraught, she called the police, who said to call sanitation, who said to call the ASPCA, who said to call the police, who said to call..ÆGIS, January 2008 6Eventually the ASPCA allowed as how if she brought in the dog, they would dispose of it for her. She finally found a really big suitcase, stuffed in the dead pooch, and dragged it down four flights to the street. She needed to get a cab on the other side of the street, and lugged it to the corner. When the light changed, a man came up and offered to carry it across for her. Grateful, she raced across the street to hail a cab. The man took the suitcase and ran in the other direction as fast as he could. Problem solved!

The second event happened to one of our editors after he returned from Iran, where he had contracted cholera, a job-related hazard. Each week he would go to see a tropical medicine specialist, bearing as a gift a stool sample. One afternoon he was early for his appointment, and decided to spend some time sitting in the sun in Washington Square Park. He sat there for half an hour, reading. When it was time to go to his appointment, he discovered that while he was reading someone had stolen the paper bag containing the stool sample. Fortunately, there was more where that came from…

Could these thefts have been avoided? Sure, but we are awfully glad they weren’t!

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