Gulf Reserve – a simple fraud for simple money

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Gulf Reserve – a simple fraud for simple money

Over the course of the year I’ve received several calls about a firm called Gulf Reserve offering returns of 3 to 4% per day – or more.  Contrary to my first impression of the offer, it appears that Gulf Reserve actually did make investments – and some were good.  Their strategy was not to appropriate the investor’s funds directly, but simply to change the investors password and retrieval clues at a convenient time, making it more or less impossible for them to get a payout.  The scheme, from what I have found, ensnared a number of small investors from the UK, US, Canada and New Zealand.  If anybody is looking for them, their MO suggests to me that they have some previous experience with online casinos.

Here is a short clip from one of their posts —

Being a part of Gulf Reserve lets you invest in oil industry of almost all GULF and its surrounding countries. Despite of unstable political circumstances in some of these countries, OIL industry is still on its usual stable path but this stability denotes constant surge and decline in price and global demand of different varities of OIL and that is where we turn a trade in absolute profit for our investors.


* Instant Withdrawals.

* DDoS Protection.

* 256-Bit SSL Encryption.

* Unique Script.

* 4% Referral Commission.

* Live Customer Support.


If you’re interested in pursuing the underbelly of bad investment frauds, haunted multi-level marketing opportunities, and get rich quick schemes that work for the fraudster – here’s one link to follow;


The site offers plenty of links to peruse and pursue, if you are into that sort of thing.

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