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Houston Networking Group

When dealing with adversaries, it can be greatly beneficial if those with a common interest band together to share information. While it requires forethought, dedication, and initiative to share information, it can be done. An example of this recently began in Houston, where a group of professionals from energy, law enforcement (active & retired), and aerospace have formed an Executive Protection/Security Driver networking group. The group met for the first time this past April at ConocoPhillips. Regular readers will recall articles by Bob Reyes of ConocoPhillips in the June 2003 and October 2005 issues of this journal.

Nine people attended the first meeting, which was an ice-breaker of sorts, with introductions being made over a catered dinner.

The hope is to begin with quarterly meetings, where they will discuss issues that affect all participants as they perform their respective corporate security duties. The initial focus will be on executive protection/security driver duties. All those present that evening felt good about organizing and continuing the program, with everyone agreeing that a group such as this should have been organized long ago. The second meeting, through the kindness of Mike Bechaud, Marathon Oil corporate security representative, was at Marathon Oil headquarters in July.

The profession of executive protection is a very involved field, and has become more and more dangerous as threat level of the principals increases. Without networking among peers, professionals are robbing themselves of this valuable resource. The first meeting was immediately positive, as the participants now know others in Houston who are performing the same types of duties. They can now call upon each other for assistance, and discuss common issues such as training, equipment, and methods. Subsequent meetings have been equally fruitful.

After the first meeting there were inquiries from other corporations who are interested in joining the networking group. In addition, the group will be a resource for fellow professionals who may find themselves in Houston and may need assistance.

We would urge those executive protections professionals interested in forming similar groups to contact:

Bob Reyes (ConocoPhillips Executive Protection Officer) +1-281-293-1275 (work) [email protected]


Mike Bechaud (Marathon Oil Domestic Security Representative) +1-713-295-3836 (work) [email protected]

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