Introduction to Executive Protection

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Introduction to Executive Protection

Dale L. June

CRC Press ISBN: 0849381282 276 pages $74.95 1-800-272-7737

This is a very good book and a “must read” for any protective service specialist, either seasoned or new. We say this because of the repeated emphasis on the basics of protective services. Basics are the most important part of protective services. When you fail on the basics you will not recover merely by using more advanced tactics or toys. The experience of Mr. June, the author, is evident throughout the book. His experience in relating even the most mundane story graphically illustrates the points made. While I recommend this book for those in the profession, I also recommend it for those being protected, those close to the one being protected, and those in peripheral areas such as airport security, hotel security, and law enforcement. While you may not be a protective services professional, you will gain an understanding of why professionals do what they do and how they work, so you can either assist, or avoid hindering, or at least not be frustrated.

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